3ID Connect is the most secure way for apps to authenticate 3Box accounts (identities, profiles, and data stores) controlled by users. It is an account & key management application, which is privately controlled by users and can be accessed by wallets and applications during onboarding. The flow is very similar to web2, such as signing into apps with Facebook, Google, Twitter, or Github. However, it provides your application with much more user-centric identity and data storage capabilities.

Shared backend for Web3 | 3Box
One profile. A world of Ethereum dapps.
3Box makes it simple to store data securely with your users, letting you focus on building great products

More documentation can be found here.

Introducing, 3ID Connect ✨
We’re excited to unveil a whole new interface for onboarding 3Box users to your application. 3ID Connect is the most complete, secure way for apps to authenticate 3Box accounts (identities, profiles…

DAOstack is designed to catalyze the future of collaboration. It’s a platform for decentralized governance that enables large groups to self-organize around shared goals and values, easily and efficiently. DAOstack is sometimes called an operating system for collective intelligence, or a Wordpress for DAOs. The platform, which launches in mid-2018, includes a modular smart contract framework, a friendly javascript developer environment, and an intuitive user interface that allows anyone to create or participate in a decentralized organization without technical knowledge.

Since the days we all lived in tribes coordinating based on familial trust, humankind has come up with so many concepts and built so many complex systems to try to coordinate among ourselves. However, Bitcoin has given birth to an entirely new way of coordinating among ourselves, where the rules are written and enforced by immutable logic. Bitcoin was the father/mother of all DAOs.

DAOs are essentially decentralized social networks that facilitate coordination and decision-making in a more open, collaborative way. Importantly, social networks are built around people, but until now humans have been absent from web3 applications. Profiles highlight who is participating in the DAO, how much reputation (influence) they have, and the actions they have taken. Together, this creates more transparency, trust, and delight in the experience of decentralized, social decision-making for all users. In other words, 3Box profiles bring DAOs significantly closer to mass-market viability.