As members of the IKIGAI LABS private Discord server, we recognize the significance of Dunbar's number in maintaining stable social relationships. We believe that a close-knit community fosters a more fulfilling and enjoyable UX.

We will provide 24 OG NFT communities 111 spots on the allowlist for our Season Zero OG Mintpass. The iconic artwork by Dimitri Daniloff will serve as your entree ticket and provide 3-year VIP access to our Ikigai Labs Membership. #999OGs

While we acknowledge that there may be some individuals who are not yet actively participating in the server, we still respect the idea that they are part of our community and strive to maintain a sense of inclusivity.

We strive to create a thriving remote workforce on our IKIGAI LABS Discord.

We recognise the importance of our OG audience - the individuals who are most passionate about our brand and the curated art collections we'll tease soon anon.

A rising tide lifts all boats. #ikigai
The possibilities for digital creativity and ownership are endless, and the art world will undoubtedly be shaped by these technologies in the years to come. So, embrace this new era and explore the world of NFTs and Web3 – the future of digital art is here!

The idea behind 999 OG fans is that a business or brand can achieve success by focusing on building a dedicated following of 999 OGs who are willing to invest time and money into the product or service. These true fans are not just one-time customers, but rather individuals who are committed to supporting the brand over the long term, sharing it with their own networks, and providing valuable feedback to help shape future products and offerings.

We believe that focusing on our true fans will help us to achieve this goal more efficiently and effectively. By nurturing a community of individuals who are passionate about what we have to offer, we can gain valuable insights into what they want and need from us, and how we can better serve them.

To this end, we are excited to soon offer our 999 OG Mint Pass holders the opportunity to invite two friends each to join our Discord community. By allowing our true fans to invite like-minded individuals who share their passion for our brand, we can grow our community in a way that is organic and sustainable.

We believe that by focusing on building strong relationships with our true fans, we can create a community that is not just large, but also engaged, supportive, and committed to helping us achieve our goals. Through their feedback and support, we can refine our products and offerings. Join our Discord for a casual chat. Peace Out.