At Ikigai Labs, we are challenging the prevailing notion of scarcity and redefining the true value of digital art. It is time to dismantle the superficial allure of 10,000-piece profile picture (PFP) collections and embrace a new model that celebrates the inherent uniqueness of each creation.

The current landscape is saturated with PFP projects that prioritize quantity over quality, flooding the market with an overwhelming number of indistinguishable artworks. We refuse to succumb to this culture of mass production, where rarity is falsely manufactured through an arbitrary cap of 10,000 editions. Picasso, the epitome of artistic brilliance, did not churn out 200,000 works of art in a year. His creative process was deliberate and measured, resulting in 26,000 masterpieces over a lifetime. It is this deliberate approach that we seek to embrace.

We advocate for a new paradigm, one that allows for the organic growth and discovery of artistic creations. Instead of hastily launching collections in rapid succession, flooding the market, and overwhelming potential buyers, we propose a more sustainable model.

Let's release NFTs in harmony with the rhythm of time, where the production of 365 NFTs per year is seen as a mark of dedication and creative exploration.

By giving each creation the time and space it deserves, we open up opportunities for new collectors to discover and appreciate the art.

In the pursuit of true value, we recognize that not every NFT needs to be a high-priced rarity. Our manifesto champions the idea that value should not be solely determined by scarcity, but rather by the intrinsic qualities and unique stories embedded within each artwork.

Let us embrace a diverse ecosystem where a multitude of mostly affordable NFTs coexist with ultra-exclusive, highly coveted rarities. This model encourages a wider audience to participate in the NFT space, fostering accessibility and inclusivity.

Ikigai Labs seeks to break away from the confines of arbitrary scarcity and elevate the significance of artistic merit, innovation, and emotional connection. We invite artists, collectors, and enthusiasts to join us on this journey of redefining value in the NFT space. Let us move beyond the superficial facade of scarcity and embrace a world where creativity thrives, and the true essence of art is celebrated.

Together, let us forge a future where every NFT holds its own unique worth, irrespective of arbitrary edition sizes. Let us challenge the status quo and build an ecosystem that values artistic vision, passion, and craftsmanship. The time for change is now. Join us in the movement to reshape the NFT landscape and unleash the full potential of digital art.

In an ecosystem brimming with extraordinary talent, we've handpicked eight truly iconic artists. Artists who push boundaries, who captivate with their innovation, and who dare to dream. They aren't just artists, but ambassadors of Ikigai Labs. And we are here to empower them every step of the way.

At Ikigai Labs, we believe in the power of the individual. We believe that our artists should have complete control over their work. That's why we assist each artist to create an artist-owned smart contract. This gives them absolute power, placing them in the driver's seat of their creative journey.

But we're not stopping there. We're not just launching these smart contracts into the void. We're helping our artists list their creations on the biggest marketplaces out there – Opensea, Foundation, Superrare – for maximum visibility. And of course, a curated selection of their collection will also be showcased on our own non-custodial aggregator, an exclusive platform for our members to discover and acquire these stunning pieces of art.

However, our ambition goes beyond the traditional revenue models of marketplaces and NFT sales. We see a bigger picture. Our primary source of revenue will be the sale of our membership NFTs. This revenue doesn't disappear into a black hole. Instead, it breathes life into our ecosystem, driving the development of our artist residencies, and commissioning more iconic artists to craft exclusive artwork for our members. Every membership NFT purchased is a ticket to a world of exclusive art airdrops, and a lifeline to the artist residencies.

Let's talk about being a non-custodial marketplace. We understand the complexities involved in running a centralized custodial marketplace like Opensea, both legally and financially. However, Ikigai Labs is choosing to tread a different path. We believe in decentralization, in security, and in the power of the community.

As we use an open-source, non-custodial marketplace, we avoid the legal tangles and the accounting nightmares. We're not holding onto your assets, you are. You maintain control, you maintain security, and you reap the benefits of your investments. We are merely the stage on which the magic happens.

In a world where funding often dictates the rules, we are breaking free. We don't need hundreds of millions of funding to create something beautiful, something groundbreaking. We just need a community that believes in our vision, artists who dare to dream, and the power of blockchain technology.

Life is not fungible. We’re all an ERC-721. Royalty-first, Community-owned NFT photography marketplace, auction house & 3D art gallery. Find your IKIGAI anon

We are here to change the game, to empower artists, to thrill collectors, and to create an ecosystem that values creativity, security, and individuality. As part of this mission, we've meticulously crafted a unique pricing strategy for our Genesis, Editions, and Membership Art Collection.

Ikigai Labs XYZ Genesis Series
This dynamic duo has brought together an Art Collective comprising ten icons from the world of photography. These artists, each with their unique style and perspective, will showcase their work in our digital art gallery, bringing a vibrant array of talent and creativity to the Ikigai Labs platform.

Genesis NFTs: The Inception of Rarity

The Genesis NFTs mark the beginning of our journey into digital art. They are truly unique, rare, and hold immense symbolic and intrinsic value. Their pricing strategy reflects this exclusivity. Genesis NFTs will be priced at a premium, not just because they are the inaugural pieces in the Ikigai Labs collection, but also because they signify the foundational principles and vision of our brand. Owners of these tokens hold a piece of history and become co-creators in our evolving narrative.

Our goal is to create a platform that is dedicated to exceptional photography and photogrammetry, with a strong focus on quality over quantity. We believe that the art world is in need of a community-driven platform.

Editions Mint Pass NFTs: Accessibility and Exclusivity Combined

Our Editions NFTs represent limited series of a particular artwork, each uniquely identifiable. We aim to strike a balance between exclusivity and accessibility with these pieces. The pricing strategy for Editions NFTs is tiered, based on the edition number and total editions available. Earlier editions in the series will be priced lower to incentivize early buyers and loyal followers, while later editions will increase in price as the demand rises and availability decreases. This strategy promotes fair access while also rewarding early supporters of the art and the artist.

Ikigai Labs VIC Memberships
We will provide 24 OG NFT communities 111 spots on the allowlist for our Season Zero OG Mintpass. The artwork by Dimitri Daniloff will provide 3-year VIP access to our Ikigai Labs Membership.

Membership NFTs: Valuing Community

Our Membership NFTs are a unique proposition, designed to foster a sense of belonging and privilege in our community. They unlock special perks and experiences, such as exclusive access to new releases, artist meet and greets, virtual events, and more.

Membership NFTs are priced to promote community participation. We believe that the value of these tokens extends beyond their monetary price; they represent a ticket to an ongoing experience, a stake in the Ikigai Labs journey. Therefore, these NFTs are priced at an accessible point, with the aim of attracting a diverse and vibrant community of art enthusiasts and blockchain believers.

The intrinsic value of our NFTs goes beyond the artwork itself; it also lies in the idea they represent, the artists they support, and the community they foster. Our carefully crafted pricing strategy for Genesis, Editions, and Membership NFTs is aimed at promoting fairness, incentivizing early supporters, rewarding active community members, and recognizing the value of the artists' work.

We understand that art is subjective, and its value varies from person to person. As we stride into the new era of NFTs and digital art, we continue to learn, iterate, and listen to our community to ensure our pricing strategy aligns with our vision and values. At Ikigai Labs, we believe that every NFT has a story to tell, and we are excited to share these stories with you.

Outlook. The space we love
With the proliferation of non-custodial NFT marketplaces and the growth of the metaverse, there is a huge opportunity for curators to play an important role in shaping the digital art landscape and help collectors discover the most promising artists. #IkigaiLabsXYZ