The GΞNΞSIS collection is nostalgia mixed with a vision for the future of art. Not only is each individual NFT a mini-story that can stand on its own, but each is also able to connect with a larger narrative through the juxtaposition of the collection.

These NFTs combine elements of historic value, heritage, and next-gen computation and technology. They explore the tension between the ancient world and its simulated counterpart— between organic and inorganic, digital and analog.

After four weeks of research, we have come across four ancient statues that are 2,000+ years old and are a part of Greek mythology. Some of these statues have been auctioned by Sotheby's in the '90s and some have received a solid valuation. Ready to fly around the world to go scan these, we did some detective work and serendipity came into play. They ended up being located in a city near us and the art dealer invited us to discover these gems and agreed that they can be scanned by Dimitri. After a creative journey of 333 days these scans are now transforming into historic objects, immersive NFTs that allow Ohmies to travel back to the future.

Collecting digital artifacts of identified cultural significance and transposing them to the digital renaissance.

A dedicated, die-hard, organically built community is key to the success and longevity of a project. They attracted a community of diamond-handed, big picture thinkers. They defend their project against detractors with a rabid passion.  

Because the act of curation is being conducted entirely on-chain, it is now possible to create trustless Curator DAOs—community organizations that can collectively own and operate digital art galleries in the metaverse. If Olympus DAO is New York City, Odyssey DAO is the MoMa. It attracts people to the world's best city and curates the finest artists who represent the quality of Olympus culture. We aim to spotlight upcoming artists and give them an incentive to want to work within our culture while spotlighting the loyalty of Olympus members so that their trust in each other is celebrated.  The Metaverse is a collective virtual shared space, including augmented reality on the Internet. This virtual world where people interact with each other through avatars – will see the beginnings of a robust economic system based on the use of NFTs. The ultimate mission is to create a virtual museum with an art collection owned and curated by the Odyssey DAO.

During the next 33 months, we will exhibit one artist monthly on LiveTheLife.TV.

Right now, we're above all super excited to announce the GΞNΞSIS collection with iconic artist Dimitri Daniloff.

Around the Millenium, Dimitri Daniloff pioneered the switch from analog to digital and is now innovating once again through photogrammetry. This technique unlocks groundbreaking visual storytelling, where he scans historic objects and turns them into immersive art pieces that go beyond turning 2D images into 3D.

Some of the brands that bought his work so far are Absolut Vodka, Air France, Audi, Carlsberg, Land Rover, LG, Longchamp, Nike, Sony Playstation, and others.

Dimitri Daniloff, the master behind the Daft Punk artwork, represents the exact reason why we got excited about NFTs in the first place. He lost control over his images when the media published images of David Bowie wearing the Daft Punk outfit, with no attribution to the original image.

Here’s David Bowie wearing Daft Punk’s helmet - Consequence
The Thin White Duke spoofs himself and the French robots.

Connecting with Dimitri was the birth of what's now known as the GVO collective. We started exploring erc721 as early as 2018 mainly to work on art-related royalties, and similar to Mark Cuban it was our AHA moment to explore erc-721s.

The rest, as they say, is history