We are currently getting ready to launch the DDA collection and we've deployed a fresh contract to testnet. We'll document some alva leaks below.

Build the perfect NFT access-list? Over 2,500 projects and creators have trusted PREMINT to launch and grow their access list, including XCOPY, Cool Cats, Moonbirds, Rug Radio, VeeFriends, and now GVO. PREMINT lets us define exactly who is able to join your list.

In our Social RPG, you’ll be able to create GVO’s story with us. Anyone that is holding a GVO NFT will be able to choose what will happen next. Everything will be dynamically affected by those decisions.

Above all, GVO is a testing lab for new ideas to push the Odyssey project going forward. The only thing we know for sure is that we have a world-class resident artist and that the art is the only utility we deliver at this stage. That being said, we're bullish AF on what we are working on. There is so much room to innovate and this feels like the adventure of a lifetime tbh.

Dimitri Daniloff
He first experimented with 4Γ—5 view cameras and then turned to the practice of digital art. He now produces new scenes of everyday life by assembling raw elements with real subjects – always finding the right balance between authenticity and fiction.

The DDA collection is πŸ”₯ IMHO and a great start to drive back value to the OGs that have minted the Odyssey Genesis Collection during this first and 2nd wave.

DDA Collection
LiveTheLifeTV and GVO are launching the DDA Collection: an intimate community that unlocks exclusive digital, physical, and experiential benefits for holders. DDA is working to become a carbon-offsetting NFT collection by using Klima’s carbon offset aggregator tool.
testing our mint flow on Rinkeby

The NFT contract for the LTL/GVO collection has a few objectives:

  • independence of centralized NFT marketplaces
  • support secondaries on all major NFT marketplaces
  • decentralized art storage Arweave (+IPFS backup)
  • minting on your own Good Vibes OHMly website
  • custom primary & secondary sales splits
  • presale lists, mint pass, on-chain art, staking, vesting, etc.
  • unique ASCII artist signature (and more features soon)

Usually, your own contract requires coding or hiring your own developers, and costs ~0.5 ETH to deploy. Also, it might contain security issues that will lead to unrecoverable loss of funds or blocking bugs. That's why we are exploring the Metaverse NFT contract that already helped creators raise more than 1500ETH without any security issues. This also cuts down contract deployment cost to 0.02-0.04 ETH and lets us launch an NFT collection with minting on the LTL/GVO website. Even more, this architecture allows us to build & connect Extensions with additional functionality like delayed claims, vesting, etc. There's no rush, no race to mint first, no gas wars. NFT drops are broken. Mints should be fair. LFG fix this.

Speaking of Fairmint, as soon as they deploy the V2 on Optimism, we will incorporate LTL/GVO as a Delaware C Corp to be 100% compliant to offer crypto native token rewards. We want to raise funds to ship the web3 travel app, and add fresh content to our NFT magazine. Fairmint will allow us to raise continuously from the people that love and support what we do and reward our 70K+ web2 community with LTL/GVO equity on web3 rails.

If Tripadvisor & Insta had a crypto lovechild
Allow users to get rewarded for visiting real-world locations. This model allows businesses to attract potential customers to their locations and pay only for people that visit their place which makes the calculation of Return of Investment easy.
The Mirror House NFT Series
Imagine a world in which anyone could buy a house as an NFT, borrow against the NFT using decentralized finance β€œDeFi” products with high-yielding interest rates, and cut out intermediary banks altogether.