Our mission as an art auction house is to create a transparent and accessible marketplace for digital collectibles that empowers both creators and collectors. Our vision is to become the leading platform for buying, selling, and discovering unique digital assets, while fostering a passionate community of collectors and creators.

We recognize that the NFT photography market has become oversaturated, with a surplus of artists all vying for attention. We believe that there are many talented photographers out there, but it's becoming increasingly difficult for people to discover them amidst the overwhelming amount of content. As an art auction house, we aim to solve this problem by curating a selection of photography NFTs from award-winning artists.

Our approach is community-driven and innovative, and we believe that it's essential to empower creatives in the NFT space. We are committed to developing innovative products and services that help artists monetize their work, redefine the future of photography, photogrammetry, music producers, and web3 filmmakers.

We understand that digital art discovery is a problem, and we are working to solve it. Our platform is designed to make it easy for anyone to own and showcase their digital collectibles. We're also developing tools for browsing by style or other attributes, which will help users find the digital assets they're looking for more efficiently.

Our app allows users to analyze and purchase multiple NFTs at once from various marketplaces, including Reservoir Market v2, which is an open-source marketplace built with Reservoir APIs that aggregates liquidity from major marketplaces. We're also building a curated aggregator that showcases the best of the best in the NFT photography space, which makes it easier for collectors to discover standout collections and creators.

Our auction house allows users to sell to the highest bid directly from their wallet, with real-time and historical activity displayed. We also offer listing options that include floor price, trait floor price, and the ability to list on all major marketplaces. Our platform also allows for referrer fees on top of aggregated orders, and real-time floor prices per trait, making it easier for users to get a clear indication of the current floor prices for specific attributes.

As an art auction house, we believe in empowering the creative world and redefining the future of art. Our community-driven approach, innovative products, and services, and commitment to empowering creatives set us apart from other NFT marketplaces. Join us on our mission to make digital art more accessible, transparent, and profitable for everyone.