Ben Weiland has been on the forefront of arctic surf exploration for the last 7 years. Along with partners in crime like Chris Burkard the world has shrunk greatly since they’ve set their sites and cameras on cold empty waves.

‘Mr. Kookbox’ is a short story about @nolecossart ‘s obsession in building experimental wooden boards based off of Tom Blake’s 1930’s design.

@bobcatdavis and I spent the last few months shooting, editing, animating and illustrating this piece. With extra time on our hands during the edit, we dove in and explored some new creative avenues. Huge thanks to @kleankanteen for supporting! This film accompanies an article about Nole in the latest issue of @surfersjournal so be sure to check it out, it’s epic. And thanks to @apiary_ of course! 🙏🏻 Music by @mapacheband and @seanwspellman . 🙌🏻

A short story about Nole Cossart's experimental journey into 1930's surfboard building.

Directed by Ben Weiland. Edited by Brian Davis. A Story by FIELDER