Berachain is an innovative, high-performance blockchain infrastructure that operates on the Cosmos SDK and is fully compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). It's a young and dynamic team of world-class experts in computer science, type theory, economic game theory, risk management, and enterprise development. The team members bring in a wealth of experience in building and scaling technology teams from top companies such as Apple, Coinbase, IBM, and Y-Combinator, combined with a deep understanding of the crypto landscape from some of the most impactful DeFi protocols.

They share a common passion for Web3, Toybox, and the democratization of decentralized finance. Based in Toronto, the core engineering team is dedicated to developing cutting-edge infrastructure to make decentralized finance accessible to everyone. They are well-funded by leading digital asset investors, hedge funds, centralized exchange venture arms, and strategic angels.

Thanks to our frens at Thirdweb, we'll be able to deploy as soon as they ship the berachain testnet
We played around with the local testnet the day it launched, and we will be exploring collabs going forward with this community of degens and gigabrains.

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