Marketing is simply about letting people know you exist so that you can be of powerful and joyful service to the world.  It’s about sharing your unique messages in an authentic, compelling way so that the people you love to serve can find you, and identify that you’re the right one to help them.  Marketing is about bringing yourself to the market you want to help, and communicating, “We are really awesome at what we do and offer, and WE LOVE our work. May I be of service to you?” People often conflate marketing, user acquisition, and branding. To be honest we've been way too busy building our web3 version of OpenSea to worry about doing any type of marketing, we just want to ship an innovative marketplace, by ohmies for ohmies. That's the exact reason why we airdropped 100K+ NFTs, that was our way of embracing our culture, and bringing everyone back hOHM.

A brand in its entirety is actually the logical and emotional responses those triggers invoke in a customer. Not rationally on paper, but at its essence in how people feel about it. A brand is an emotional identity "I am an Apple user". But, a brand cannot be all things. In fact, the first immutable law of branding states that the strength of a brand is inversely proportional to its scope. That is, the more things you try to be, the less effective you are at it.  

You promote your brand, not with the goal of converting users. Instead, your goal is to make sure everyone is aware of your brand's message and triggers for future campaigns, or so they include you in their next natural consideration phase.

  • Development Marketing: Turn customers into advocates
  • Narrative Marketing: Shape a narrative outside of your brand
  • Culture marketing: Promotion of internal culture, to attract talent

Every touchpoint we have is marketing as it shapes how a customer feels about Odyssey. Let's decide what one thing we want your project to represent. Let's focus on authentically connecting with the anons, and degens in ways that don't scale, and embody our brand in these interactions. We need to work on defining and promoting an engaging culture to attract top talent. So far 150 contributors applied to join the project, that's a solid start. We'll continue to focus on every overlooked touchpoint of our product to see if it represents our DAO the way we as Core Contributors deserve to be seen. If we do all those things, WAGMI vibes are ON!!!

Have you checked your hidden folder on OpenSea, did you spot your OhmieDay NFT ? We airdropped 100K+ NFTs to all the ohmies, it's your ticket to play. LFG.