CALLADITA is the genesis NFT collection by filmmaker Miguel Faus. It comprises 2.400 NFTs organized into 4 Tiers. All of the proceeds from these NFT sales will go towards funding Miguel’s first feature-length film, CALLADITA.

In a mansion in the Costa Brava, a young domestic worker has to serve two rich kids while they enjoy their summer. Amongst cocktails, drugs, and dishwashers, she will look for her own way to have fun.
"Calladita" has taken part in the Short to Feature Lab run by Jim Cummings.

Writer/Director: Miguel Faus

Producers: Isabel Jubert & Miguel Faus

Cinematographer: Robert C. Carrera

Art Director: Marta Archilés

Editor: Ricardo Saraiva

Sound Recordist: Jordi Rossinyol Colomer

Sound Designer: Andre Nascimbeni

© 2019, London Film School / What's Up Doc

Calladita Film NFT
Calladita will be the one of the first movies ever financed with NFTs. A web3 film by Miguel Faus