Cath Simard is a Canadian-born photographer, digital artist and SONY Alpha ambassador with an instantly recognizable style that meticulously blends reality with her own imagination. Her work has been shared millions of times on social media & some of her clients include SONY, DJI & Emirates Airline. Today, Cath leads workshops in places like Patagonia, Peru, Iceland & the Canadian Rockies. She wishes to inspire others to break out of their comfort zone & explore a world of endless possibilities. She recently did her Genesis NFT drop on SuperRare, called “Lumière du Noir.” The teaser was as 🔥 as it gets.

“It was hard work to get on SuperRare because you have to have a project that’s different,” explains Simard. That’s what I’ve noticed is happening in the photography world when it comes to NFTs. The most successful are those who have brought something different to the table. And that's really what got me on SuperRare. I pitched a concept that hasn't been done before. They receive about 1,000 applications a day so I was really happy to get accepted on that platform.”

Cath Simard
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