Ikigai Labs has always had a unique approach to the world of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and digital art. Our commitment has been steadfast – empowering artists and ensuring that their creativity and innovation are not only valued but also made accessible and sustainable within the rapidly evolving digital art ecosystem.

One of the ways we have been championing this is through the adoption and promotion of creator-owned smart contracts, an innovative approach that ensures artists maintain control over their work and share in the economic benefits of their creative labor. This approach aligns perfectly with the ethos of Web3, decentralization, and the empowerment of individual creators, breaking away from the traditional art world's centralized structures.

Creating an NFT through a shared contract on platforms like OpenSea is a common practice, but it doesn't provide artists with the level of control, transparency, and autonomy they deserve. In shared NFT contracts, artists lose out on important aspects such as contract ownership, the ability to edit metadata, and the flexibility to make updates and enhancements to their NFTs.

Ikigai Labs, however, is taking a different route. We encourage our artists to create creator-owned smart contracts. This approach grants artists full control over their NFTs, giving them the ability to set their own rules, manage royalties, and edit metadata even after the NFT has been minted.

Moreover, creator-owned smart contracts aren't tied to a specific marketplace. This gives artists the freedom to list their NFTs on any platform they choose, extending their reach and potential customer base. Ikigai Labs, in this context, acts as a facilitator and advisor, guiding artists through the process of creating and managing their own smart contracts.

As we push the boundaries of what is possible in the NFT space, it's vital to remember that our approach isn't just beneficial for the artists we work with. It also carries substantial advantages for our investors and community.

Firstly, by advocating for creator-owned contracts, we're positioning ourselves as a leader in the fight for artists' rights and autonomy in the digital art landscape, enhancing our brand reputation and appeal to conscious investors.

Secondly, by providing a platform where high-quality, authentic NFTs can be minted and listed across multiple marketplaces, we're increasing the visibility and accessibility of the NFTs associated with Ikigai Labs. This widespread distribution can lead to higher sales volumes and greater market penetration, benefiting our investors in the long run.

Furthermore, our commitment to this approach sends a strong signal to our community about our core values - decentralization, fairness, and empowerment. In an industry marked by rapid innovation and change, these are the values that will continue to guide us as we navigate the future of digital art and NFTs.

In conclusion, our endorsement of creator-owned smart contracts is about more than just technology or profit. It's about fostering a digital art ecosystem that truly values and rewards artists, resonating with our community and investors who believe in our mission. As we continue to push the envelope in the world of NFTs, we invite you all to join us in this exciting journey toward a more equitable and artist-centric future.

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