An NFT marketplace where artists digitally sign, verify and use their own unique minting contracts? What if every artist has their own minting contract?


We're a DAO network of designers, visual storytellers, NFT collectors, artists, and web3 devs. We're developing a creator-owned NFT minting smart contract, allowing creators and DAO's to become their own platform where Artists and collectors alike can mint, collect, and sell rare digital art. The idea is to create a project more ambitious than any single artist could do on their own. Artists become members of the guild in exchange for tokens and receive a percentage of sales based on the art they contribute. No platform should get in between members, artists, and collectors.

How it started

We have been exploring NFT's as early as  2017/2018, mainly to develop NFT royalties and the 1st NFT platform. This year we connected with Dimitri Daniloff, the master behind the Daft Punk artwork and the iconic Playstation ads. He represents the exact reason why we got excited about NFT's in the first place. He lost control over his images when David Bowie shared a remix in the media with no attribution.

Image: Dimitri Daniloff

How is it going?

We are thrilled to announce that member Dimitri Daniloff has gifted us an iconic award-winning photo to add to the DAO vault. As soon as the image is minted and the updated DAO setup (now on xDAI)  deployed on mainnet, the NFT will be fractionalized, and this will serve as the access token to both our website and Discord server.

Additionally, we are exploring the idea to add a special Vault (a sub-DAO) that will be “owning” rights for an artist. Important is the difference between an agent and the DAO: An agent is looking for new jobs for the artist, while the DAO will only concentrate on monetizing the existing work in the DAO collections with the ability to organize online exhibitions (in the metaverse), printing T-shirts (, posters, limited edition books, etc. The artist gives full power to this sub-DAO through a minion smart contract. The DAO uses its network to generate onchain revenue and its primary goal is to make the artist's life easier so he can focus on creating.

This experiment is an attempt to bootstrap a treasury that can be used by the DAO for the creation of long-term value and can be further developed with other art curated by the community, especially art from under-represented artists.

Proof of Engagement

NFT drops are inverting the venture model and becoming better versions of fair launches. Drop NFTs to early adopters (discord snapshots). Raise capital via auctions,  and build products and services with and for the community.

Sell it based on price but allow DAO to unlock it based on votes. That way owner needs a period of engagement to obtain votes from the community or does the NFT remains locked? There's probably a way by simply locking transfer to the DAO for a period of time and then baking something into the DAO to unlock that after a fixed period.

This will be an invitation-only DAO at the early stages to reward active members of our Discord. We have been tracking engagement the past few months to form a genesis squad to shape the project before we go public. Join our Discord.

What is still needed?

Coming Soon ...

The DAO has the ambition to use the NFT bank feature of DAOhaus to create, curate, and collect iconic NFT's and represents our fire to empower artists by leveraging smart contracts to mint NFT's with a focus on giving artists more control over the licensing terms. We are living the “cyber renaissance,” life, which is at the intersection of Defi, DAO's, and NFT's. The perfect environment for any community to thrive, rise to power, create value, and decide their faith together is distributing the voting power and governance rights amongst the artists and NFT holders themselves.

Future goals

"It would cool if royalties for secondary market sales were paid out to artists and all collectors of their work! Financially rewarding a creative's supporters gives them even more incentive to promote them and hodl their tokens." artchick.eth

  • Collecting NFTs with historical and intrinsic value
  • Releasing and selling NFTs that fund other DAO initiatives
  • Projects and investments proposed by and voted through by DAO members.
  • Launch of a unique avatar series with no roadmap, that will be airdropped
  • Rewarding a creative's supporters, add incentive to hodl the NFT
  • Collab with the Odyssey, Bankless, DAOhaus, and FWB PRO DAO

Our NFT Collection

You can browse the private collection to see all the NFTs we have collected to date. Some of these images will be moved to the DAO, some will not. We are not ready to launch and this is just a draft as we prepare to move the DAO that was our testing ground since September 2020 to mainnet. Do not send us money!

Membership to join opens, Jan 02, 2022 at 12 PM EST/ 9 AM PST / 6:00p CEST. Here, we have a breakdown and walkthrough on how you can contribute.

Artists could submit proposals to the DAO for commissions for future artwork, the DAO would vote and issue shares for proposals, once accepted the DAO would mint the NFTs, and sales revenue would be feed directly back into the DAO’s bank. Making the DAO a fully autonomous operator where the members decide on the creative output and gain share value on any sales generated.

Because 100% of auction proceeds are sent to the DAO, founders have chosen to compensate themselves with NFT's. They will be automatically sent to the Founder's multisig to be vested and shared among the founding members of the project. Profits go to DAO artists in our community.

Joining the DAO (demo!)

All new members of the DAO will be required to submit a tribute to gain shares initially. A tribute is an initial contribution. All tributes must be submitted in DAI.

Each share in the initial fundraising period is valued at x DAI. You may purchase up to 101 shares. This limit is to prevent any hostile takeover while we are establishing our early membership. The more shares you purchase, the greater your ownership and voting power in the DAO. Max # Members = 99.


Joining the DAO requires submitting a member proposal and a Tribute in exchange for shares.

Step 1: Visit the DAO

Step 2: Create a Member Proposal to join the DAO. Enter your name and provide a link to your Twitter or website so we can learn more about you. No need to add a description unless you want to. Enter the number of shares you would like in the DAO and attach 1 DAI per share in the Tribute Amount. Min shares = 11

STEP 3: Submit your proposal! Approve the transaction in Metamask and click the link to the transaction to watch it process!

MVP + + + ...

🎉 150 screens in Figma, the frontend code is now ready (see below reactJS). LFG & leverage the NiftyKit API
Frontend Code for Gallery and Minting UI :
GitHub - unbanksytv/contracts-1: contracts
contracts. Contribute to unbanksytv/contracts-1 development by creating an account on GitHub.
GitHub - unbanksytv/partybid: PartyBid contracts
PartyBid contracts. Contribute to unbanksytv/partybid development by creating an account on GitHub.
GitHub - unbanksytv/auction-house
Contribute to unbanksytv/auction-house development by creating an account on GitHub.
GitHub - unbanksytv/shoyu: A gas-optimized NFT trading platform that supports NFT artists and collectors via a franchised store and personal gallery launchpad
A gas-optimized NFT trading platform that supports NFT artists and collectors via a franchised store and personal gallery launchpad - GitHub - unbanksytv/shoyu: A gas-optimized NFT trading platform...

Feature Requests for V2

  • Larger art display
  • Airdrop feature
  • Intercom Chat Bot,
  • GLB support (3D visuals)
  • EIP-2981 (enables royalties across platforms)
  • Keep track of bids placed so these can be increased or cancelled
  • Share nft as tweet ( good preview image and text )
  • Pay for PR directly on the platform. (external media dao partners)
  • Viewing collections as a list AND as 3d galleries (ex. oncyber)
  • More token utility/ stronger tokenomics.
  • Curation, Background Checks done by community

As fee revenues explode there will be pressure for more open community curation and community earning models. A decentralized OS run by a DAO with proper tokenomics incentives can return fees to token holders. We will focus on onboarding the artists that will make all the difference and focus on art curation, fractionalization and custom minting contract types (split profits, generative collections, open editions, the ability to set royalties on OS contracts, ...). We work on tokenomics that give higher rewards to both collectors and artists.

NiftyKit Customization Options

"As an owner of a custom collection as well as the creator, you can set your own commission rates when you sell on NiftyKit, but it’s not just limited here, you will also be able to control the settings that each secondary marketplace will help you change as-well. You can even create your custom smart contract. This can be either on the Ethereum Mainnet or on Polygon. Another key aspect about NiftyKit is the fact that you have the opportunity to mint directly into your existing wallet through using MetaMask, where you can easily get to your OpenSea account and list it using some of their selling features as-well. You can set your secondary sale fee since you are the owner of the smart contract through the MetaMask address you connected to. You can do this by going to the collection editor and adjusting the “Percentage Fee” field under the Royalty section. Here you can verify the payout address where you would like to receive the fees. Keep in mind though that NiftyKit will create your smart contract and assign ownership of that contract to your MetaMask wallet. You will be able to fully control it afterward."

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Our goal is to create a custom metaverse. We will invite 3D artists to create 3D destinations to empower our community to display their art.and create our very own bit of the Cyberverse. LFG