Unique Business Model: Where other marketplaces depend on transaction fees from sales of NFTs, Ikigai Labs moves away from this model. They don't rely on transaction fees or percentage-based sales cuts, but focus instead on building a portfolio of real-world assets. The assets include not just the digital NFTs, but their physical counterparts, and eventually, commercial real estate. By doing so, they create a more sustainable and tangible asset-backed model. #IkigaiLabsXYZ

Ikigai Labs XYZ Business Model
Ikigai Labs is committed to challenging norms, redefining reality, and building a sustainable, creative, and technologically advanced future. Our unique business model allows us to create a community where artists, curators, collectors, and investors can all share in the success of our platform.

Equitable Distribution of Equity: Ikigai Labs disrupts the traditional marketplace structure by providing equity to its key stakeholders: the creators, curators, collectors, and investors. This unique model fosters a sense of community and shared responsibility. It not only incentivizes participation but also aligns the interests of all involved parties. This equity-sharing model contrasts starkly with other platforms' dynamics and could drive long-term commitment and loyalty.

Web3-powered tokenized SAFE
Fairmint is creating a system that uplifts the entire community around a successful company, and doesn’t just reserve the riches for a select few wealthy insiders. DeFi gives startups freedom to break free from traditional fundraising rounds and focus on building their product.

Commitment to Artists and Quality: Ikigai Labs prioritizes quality over quantity. They handpick and commission artists directly, curating the marketplace with high-quality works of art. This focus on excellence sets Ikigai Labs apart from marketplaces like OpenSea, which allows any user to mint NFTs. By ensuring that only top-tier artwork is minted, Ikigai Labs preserves the value and integrity of Art.

Curator-Centric. <Florence Moll>
We believe that by placing the curator at the center of our collective, we can create a vibrant and dynamic community that showcases the best of NFT art. We believe that a curator-centric approach is key to achieving this goal.

Membership and Exclusive Benefits: Ikigai Labs offers a unique membership model. Owners of the Membership NFTs are eligible for exclusive privileges like access to limited-edition NFTs. This creates a sense of exclusivity and provides an additional revenue stream for the platform. It also encourages collectors to maintain their active involvement with the platform, fostering an engaged art collective.

Art-Technology Intersection: Ikigai Labs is committed to the confluence of art and emerging technology. They champion digital art and aim to create immersive virtual reality experiences. Their ambition to redefine the interaction between humans and the digital world positions Ikigai Labs as a trailblazer in the industry. This contrasts with more traditional, art-focused NFT platforms and adds another dimension tbh.

Mixing art and tech – we're throwing them into a blender and hitting 'frappé'. Facilitating the creation of digital art so wild it makes Picasso look like a stick figure artist. On a mission to turn the art world upside down, shake out its pockets, and share the spoils with creators, curators, and collectors. Always on the lookout for more pixels to liberate.
To be continued ...
Ikigai Labs XYZ Genesis Series
This dynamic duo has brought together an Art Collective comprising ten icons from the world of photography. These artists, each with their unique style and perspective, will showcase their work in our digital art gallery, bringing a vibrant array of talent and creativity to the Ikigai Labs platform.