This is by far the most exciting project of my life. The fun part will be sharing it with the rest of the world. That's probably in a week or six. I'm now tasked with writing a marketing strategy. No sweat, I've been doing this for the past two decades. Wrong! The world has changed. I'm tired. And we all have the attention span of a goldfish. Clicks got expensive, click farms all over the place, I'm burned out on marketing 101, and social media is the place I'm trying to escape. Yep, I fell in the web3 rabbit hole and I can't get out. I'm doomed. This might not work out.

I need to fall in love with marketing again. Even if it's only for a few hours to write this piece and hand over the marketing strategy for what I just claimed to be the most exciting project of my life. The past few years I totally burned out on all things marketing. I used to be really good at it because I loved it. I was proud when I made the cover of the newspaper, or when I was featured on the homepage of, I was cocky about buying a hundred million eyeballs on google and hitting a hundred thousand fans. Pure ego. Sad but true. I thought I had it all figured out. My LTV was only 3X my CAC but it felt like printing money, for every dollar I spend on ads I was making 3 bucks. I was competing, and winning, against billion-dollar companies like and sending enough leads to an iconic real estate agency, to outperform their online acquisition channels.

If that reads like a flex, well F it. It is. These days I can't be bothered. All I care about today is how to navigate life in a couple of oversized DAO's, how I can onboard a billion people to #gobankless, and wrap their head around "The Decentralized Reserve Currency". Not financial advice, but these days you can stake and earn compound interest to buy freedom, experiences, and above all time, to, yep shameless plug, "Live The Life". Even better you can go buidl a better world and join a DAO. Join a couple of Discord servers, and figure out where you can add value ...

Disclaimer: In an ironic twist of fate, you might end up working 18 hour days, 7 on 7

Often I can't even be bothered to write on my own site, or post a glossy Instagram post, flex expertise on LinkedIn, or send a "Happy B-Day" message on FaceBook. I spend my days on Discord, Twitter, ClubHouse, and I'm finally living the DAO life full-time. I no longer want to be the founder of a startup, all I seem to enjoy these days is voice chats on Discord and figure out ways to collab and connect with the humans behind the avatar. Find out what they need. Try to underpromise and overdeliver. It can feel like joining uninvited for a drink, but it's the future of work!

Ok, now that I have that off my chest, let me see if I can curate a strategy I just read on Twitter that just nails it. The brilliant thread, written by Adam Cochran, doesn't skip a beat and sums up perfectly what I had in mind. I'm lazy. Here's my remix:

Marketing is simply about letting people know you exist so that you can be of powerful and joyful service to the world.  

It’s about sharing your unique messages in an authentic, compelling way so that the people you love to serve can find you, and identify that you’re the right one to help them.  Marketing is about bringing yourself to the market you want to help, and communicating, “I’m really awesome at what I do and offer, and I LOVE my work. May I be of service to you?”

People often conflate marketing, user acquisition, and branding.

A brand in its entirety is actually the logical and emotional responses those triggers invoke in a customer. Not rationally on paper, but at its essence in how people feel about it. A company sells a product "I use an IBM PC" a brand is an emotional identity "I am an Apple user". But, a brand cannot be all things. In fact, the first immutable law of branding (Ries) states that the strength of a brand is inversely proportional to its scope. That is, the more things you try to be, the less effective you are at it.  Your brand doesn't really do much else.

17.5% of the web traffic to @opensea comes from social media. 𝟱𝟱% comes from Twitter. Source
"Suffice to say, if you want to use your social media presence to channel potential buyers to your NFT gallery and you're not all in on Twitter, you're misallocating resources."

The rest comes down to marketing.

Marketing the brand: You promote your brand, not with the goal of converting users. Instead, your goal is to make sure everyone is aware of your brand's message and triggers for future campaigns, or so they include you in their next natural consideration phase.

CTA Marketing: Boring, costly, and easy to measure results. If you are a well-funded startup, with a clear user LTV, and know your conversion and churn metrics then maybe that's the right fit for you. Been there, done that, burnt my Google book

  • Development Marketing: Turn customers into advocates
  • Narrative Marketing: Shape a narrative outside of your brand
  • Culture marketing: Promotion of internal culture, to attract talent

Every touchpoint you have is marketing as it shapes how a customer feels about you. Decide what one thing you want your brand to represent.

Focus on authentically connecting with your earliest users in ways that don't scale, and embody your brand in these interactions.
  • Work on defining and promoting an engaging culture (product vision, team interaction, community environment) to attract top talent.
  • Focus on every overlooked touchpoint of your product to see if it represents you the way you deserve to be seen.
  • If you do all those things, instead of listening to a lot of half-baked ad agencies, you'll go a lot farther on a lot less capital.

If you do have to do something promotional, do something unconventional. Publicity stunts, atypical ads, being the first at something. Be noteworthy and contrarian because earned media beats out paid ads, and it's way more fun!

I suck at selling, all I'm good at is narrative & culture marketing. Because I care, because I love it, and in the end, nothing else matters. UX is king, content is my queen, and Zeus is the god of the sky. It's just an older man with a beard, a lightning bolt, and an eagle. But, he is leading the Olympians to victory against the Titans. FFS. And, the ancient Olympic games were held in his honor.

That's not flexing, that's just a fact.