Imagine a digital treasure so rare that only 4096 exist in the entire virtual universe. That's #ERC4096 for you! Unlike most tokens, which can be divided into tiny fractions, #ERC4096 maintains its integrity. You can't break it down, so you trade it whole – a true symbol of digital scarcity.

The Economics of Exclusivity

  • A Unique Tax System
    Trading #ERC4096 comes with a twist: zero tax on buying but a 5% tax on selling. What’s more intriguing? 4% of this tax vanishes into thin air, burned forever, ensuring the tokens become even rarer over time. And there's a catch – if you're trading less than 20 tokens, the tax doesn't apply.
  • Burn Mechanics
    The token follows an innovative burn policy. Depending on the liquidity pool (LP) balance, a token is burned every 2/4/8/16th sell, making #ERC4096 even more scarce. And every 8 hours or after 1024 tokens are traded, one token gets obliterated from the LP, given it has more than 256 tokens.

Crafting a Narrative of Scarcity

A Tale of Limited Digital Wealth. #ERC4096 isn't just a token; it's a narrative of real scarcity. Every burn not only reduces the total supply but also heightens the token's value and exclusivity.

Insider Tips for Traders

When you're diving into the Uniswap pool to grab your #ERC4096, remember: specify the number of tokens you want, not the ETH amount. This ensures precise transactions, especially crucial for a token without decimals.

The Status Symbol

Owning a #ERC4096 token has become a badge of honor in the crypto world. A staggering 193 holders currently boast exactly one token in their wallets. Why one? Because in the world of #ERC4096, less is more. You can't buy less than one, making each token a prized possession. (CoinGecko)

No decimals. Scarcity and deflation.

supply decreases daily by contract-enforced burns < the Liquidity Pool gets thicker with every sale >

4096 NFT collection made as an ERC-20 contract and available to trade as a regular token on Uniswap (dexscreener) Game changing smart contract tbh πŸ”₯

"In the world of cryptocurrency, a new token named $4096 emerged, captivating investors with its unique charm. With a mere 250K market capitalization and a price of $50 per token, its allure was in its scarcity - limited supply, no fractional ownership, and intriguing burn mechanics. This set the stage for a game of high stakes and higher hopes." - AnoNakamigo

The Surge of Success
As the token's value skyrocketed, so did the spirits of its holders. Within 12 hours, the market cap breached 2M, and your investment had multiplied tenfold. The euphoria was palpable, but so was the hesitation - sell or hold? The decision was swayed by the community's bullish vibes and the token hitting all-time highs. The choice was made: hold and hope.

The Sleepless Night
The excitement was overshadowed by a familiar fear, born from past experiences of waking up to losses. Paranoid and restless, you checked the charts at the crack of dawn, only to find the market cap soaring over 5M. This was beyond expectations, and yet, the decision remained to hold, bolstered by a belief in being 'still early' in the game.

The Shift of Tides
The unforeseen happened - Ledger issues caused panic. The market cap retracted, yet your belief in the token's strength didn't waver. Despite warnings to stay passive, the market's retreat continued. Doubts crept in, but the thought of selling at a low after a recent peak seemed illogical.

The Descent into Despair
As holder counts dwindled and FUD spread, the once-optimistic narrative turned bleak. Reluctantly, you sold, securing a 3x gain but far from the peak you had witnessed. It felt like defeat, a surrender to market forces and emotional fatigue.

The Bittersweet Aftermath
In an almost mocking twist of fate, the market rebounded after your exit. Prices climbed, and holder counts increased. The token you let go of was now thriving, possibly on its way to a 100M market cap.

The Elusive Lesson
What's the moral of this story? In the enigmatic and emotional world of cryptocurrency trading, clear-cut lessons are rare. The market's whims, coupled with the psychological pressures of fear, greed, and hope, create a landscape where certainty is a luxury and hindsight, a cruel teacher.

w4096 is a token with 4 decimals exchangeable to 4096 by wrapping/unwrapping.

How will it benefit 4096?

4096 tokens are not NFTs, though they are really close, it is a collision between ERC-20 and ERC-721. So because they are fungible, it is important that people will be able to buy 4096 at higher prices. This is where w4096 comes into play, allowing smaller holders to get a part of 4096 token, and maybe eventually unwrapping it into a real 4096. It also creates an easier way to DCA with small buys. w4096 will come with an OTC marketplace, where w4096 owners will be able to create their own pools or join the others. The price of the pool can be fixed or follow the market price of 4096 with an optional additional price (in fixed ETH or %). If you're a whale, you'll be able to create an exclusive pool where no one else will be able to join. Parameters of the exclusive pools (min, max and additional price) can be edited at any time. There are taxes on w4096, but reversed. On every buy there is a 5% tax (like 5% tax on every 20+ tokens sell of 4096), of which 4% will be burned. This burn directly benefits 4096, as you can only get w4096 by wrapping original 4096 tokens! It may seem like a buy tax is worse than sell tax, but there is really no difference. If there was a sell tax where sellers would get less ETH on their positions, they would up the prices to compensate it. w4096 and the existence of OTC marketplace will allow more trading tactics for smart traders, thus just increasing the volume on both 4096 and w4096. At the time of its release, this will be an exclusive platform for w4096. However, OTC marketplace can potentially be extended to accept any other token. A detailed docs and the platform release will come after New Year. Then you can expect more updates that will target 4096 holders, such as: telegram integration, 4096 club and individualization of each token.

Note: the interface might not be final and the data is just an example.

4096 App

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