Two years ago, Platon presented his first series Eye Love You, Eye Hate You; a historic and monumental collection featuring magnified iris portraits belonging to an array of the world's most well-known figures. This first exhibition included 12 individual iris NFTs, thirty years in the making. Each NFT deconstructs a 'Platon portrait', removing 97% of the film's negative information and deleting all recognizable facial characteristics. Viewers are left with a burning curiosity and the inability to judge who they are. In front of you could be infamous game changers, history makers, cultural provocateurs, heroes, villains, and dictators. You decide.

"It’s a cliché to say but when I photograph someone, I see the eyes as a window to someone’s soul. There is something magical and mystical when you look into someone’s eyes. When I look into someone’s eyes, it is much more complicated. At times I see angels and others, demons. Sometimes I see demons in the people we admire and it leaves me feeling very confused. Other times I see warmth in someone who has created carnage in terms of human rights. You come away thinking, “how the hell is that possible”? It’s confusing. Sometimes demonic leaders in society can show great charisma and kindness to people at least on the surface, and I find that much more menacing." Read the entire essay:


It's not a secret we are huge fans of Platon as an artist and especially as a human being with storytelling skills that made us tear up during that first iconic ClubHouse Session. During the following auction, we were able to buy four NFTs!