The vast majority of startup investing as it exists today is an insider’s game. Early adopters and believers don’t have access to venture capital markets, so they don’t share in the financial upside of their favorite startup’s growth. Web2 investing is insular and exclusive, leaving out the very communities that make up a product: its early adopters.

But with Web3, the way companies raise capital and interact with their communities is changing. By tokenizing equity, Fairmint is democratizing access to ownership in high-growth startups.

DeFi has created ways for founders to raise money on a rolling basis. If an eagle-eyed user sees the enormous potential of a company, they can be among the first to invest. And more risk-averse investors don’t have to rush to make a decision until they see a product’s community already investing in it. DeFi gives startups freedom to break free from traditional fundraising rounds and focus on building their product.

Fairmint is creating a system that uplifts the entire community around a successful company, and doesn’t just reserve the riches for a select few wealthy insiders.

"Yeah. Everything I saw so far was boring apart from Fairmint solution, bullish on that one." - Fiskantes

We are adopting Fairmint because we can:

  • Raise without pitching (or even involving) VCs
  • Have our community as investors
  • Have ongoing liquidity pools
  • Offer crypto native token rewards
  • Be 100% compliant and do on-chain issuance
  • Unlock the resale of shares challenge

Imagine being able to raise continuously from the people that love and support what you do. Imagine being able to reward and compensate your community with your equity. Imagine living life on the frontier of stakeholder capitalism with unlimited fundraising, compensation & trading mechanisms. LFG tbh

Here are four key groups that make up productive and passionate communities:

  1. Freelancers now make up a significant portion of the workforce. By giving them equity, you can show that you care about their contributions.
  2. Global Employees: By tying their equity to stable currencies like USDC, you can reward your global employees continually and compliantly.
  3. Super Fans: The first few people who believe in your mission are more than just users; they're super fans. By rewarding them with equity, you can show that you appreciate their support and value their feedback.
  4. Traditional Investors: By prioritizing community ownership, you can demonstrate to investors that your product is more likely to succeed.
Fairmint | Give your community skin in the game.
Fairmint empowers you to grant equity to anyone that adds value to your company and passively receive investment from your biggest fans. Launch in a few clicks and get back to building your business.
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