Ikigai Labs may soon make a remarkable move by launching its own specialized secondary marketplace. The marketplace will allow art collectors to browse listed NFTs across all existing collections, whether they are listed natively on the marketplace or aggregated from all the major platforms.

Ikigai Labs takes no platform fee for secondary trades that occur via its marketplace, and the creators' specified royalty settings are fully honored, which sets it apart from other Ethereum NFT marketplaces that make creator royalties optional for traders above a nominal 0.5% minimum. A royalty is a percentage of the secondary sale price paid out to the original creator, which typically sits around <6.9%>

The need for creator royalties

V1 CryptoPunk #5876, Phunk #586, his co-founders of Ikigai Labs, iconic photographer Dimitri Daniloff, and OG Curator Florence Moll, have all been vocal about the need for creator royalties, #5876 as early as 2017 when 721s came into the picture, as well as the moves by market leaders like OpenSea to diminish them. #5876 said that the recent trend of declining royalties is harming artists' ability to pursue creating digital art for a living. That's why IKIGAI LABS was born. Manifesto.

#5876 says "Code Is Art" to support both creators, curators, and collectors with a Web3-powered tokenized SAFE & $VIBES

Ikigai Labs' marketplace is not only an opportunity to honor royalties but also aims to spotlight projects and individual minted pieces and provide a secure platform free of knockoffs. #5876 stated that some creators had requested the ability to share their work without pointing to a broad NFT marketplace like OpenSea. By integrating marketplace listings, the platform will also serve as a hub for the Ikigai Labs OG Art Collective to showcase their work during a soft launch <6/9>

SR, CTO of Ikigai, acknowledges that some people would rather pick and choose from already-minted pieces, or may ultimately discover projects after the mint. The platform aims to provide a solution for this by incorporating marketplace listings. We exist to help them find their IKIGAI tbh. SR is a Tezos Maxi, we do launch on .eth. 1st. But obviously, we will also deploy on Berachain, Polygon, Optimism, and Arbitrum.

#5876 revealed he is a Fairmint Maxi πŸ‘€
  • Raise without pitching VCs
  • Have our community as investors
  • Have ongoing liquidity pools
  • Offer crypto native token rewards
  • Be 100% compliant and do on-chain issuance
  • Unlock the resale of shares challenge
  • 3 times 33% = 99% + 1% for OTP
This project aims to bring the community closer together while empowering creators to control their own odyssey. Sailing West!

That said, make no mistake, we're standing on the shoulders of giants - Cryptopunks, Art Blocks, and I'm sure many others have fantastic communities with this similar focus. We're always of the belief that this isn't a winner take all market, and we'd rather work together than build in isolation.

Back in late 2017, we were filled with excitement about the idea of creating a marketplace for NFTs. These digital goods possess provably scarce, liquid, and user-owned properties, making them a potent primitive that's leading a rebirth in the digital world. At Ikigai, NFTs are owned by their users rather than by us, marking a major shift towards a world where users, not corporations, hold control over their data. We're thrilled about the potential of true digital ownership.