Trevor Hawkins introduces his film, LOTAWANA, as well as his historical approach of selling and premiering the first feature film ever as NFTs.

OTAWANA is making history by being the first movie ever to forgo established industry channels by selling its Film Rights and World Premiere exclusively as NFTs. Be the first to watch and literally own a piece of history. A Hollywood First. A Tech First. A World First.

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"A monotonous life has pushed the unfulfilled Forrest (Todd Blubaugh) to a voyage of self-discovery by living amongst nature aboard his sailboat, Lorelei, on an alluring Missouri lake. Soon he catches wind of the rebellious and free-spirited Everly (Nicola Collie) and their idealistic dreams align."

This thrilling and thought-provoking romantic journey follows the wanderlust couple as they are confronted by the challenges of their unconventional chosen path.

Can they survive, reconnect with nature, and rewrite their own rules of modern existence, or will they discover that society operates the way it does for a reason?"

Writer/Director/Cinematographer: Trevor Hawkins

Producers: Nathan Kincaid & Cori Jo Hawkins

Starring: Todd Blubaugh & Nicola Collie

"How do I get distribution for my film? How do I get funding for my feature film? Do I need a name actor in my film? How do I make my film's money back? Demystified is a series aimed at finding answers to questions like these, the aspects of indie filmmaking that are rarely seen and seldom talked about, through the lens of StudioFest."

World-renowned and award-winning filmmaker Trevor Hawkins of Mammoth Media created Lotawana in his own backyard on Lake Lotawana, Missouri. Self-financing the film with a loan against his house, Hawkins was able to maintain the integrity of his unique style and vision by writing, directing, shooting, editing, and coloring his debut feature film himself. Produced with his wife Cori Jo Hawkins and filmmaking partner Nathan Kincaid, the skeleton crew of ten overcame an array of obstacles, including losing their first lead actress a week into shooting as she decided to leave the industry altogether. They broke as many first-time feature-filmmaking rules as they could, shooting on and underwater, with children, with animals, and by filming during every season of the year to highlight the natural beauty of the lake in its many incarnations, delivering an emotional and visceral experience sculpted by undeniably gorgeous cinematography.

“It was risky to make the movie itself,” he said Hawkins, a veteran director of commercials and shorts whose work has been featured by National Geographic. “When this came along, we felt it was a way to differentiate ourselves. This was a huge risk as well, but it feels right. We’re just a little bit ahead of the curve here … my personal opinion is that it’s here to stay.” Hawkins said that after 500 of the $1,000 shares are sold, the film’s original partners will no longer be majority stakeholders.

“All we’re really talking about is the use of technology to create more efficient contracts and decentralize the flow of funds,” he said. “It’s a more efficient forensic watermark and smart contract that allows for the person who created the IP to better, more efficiently monetize the thing they created.”

With the rise of streaming services, the executives believes the industry is moving away from ownership of individual films. Just as Spotify disrupted the music industry and inspired it to seek new revenue in records and merch, they believe the film industry could do the same via NFTs.

Critics have questioned how “non-fungible” an NFT can be; even Beeple’s $69 million artwork can easily be copied and distributed at will, even if its associated token cannot. However, Opeka said NFTs actually help solve a core problem with digital ownership. While you can buy a digital copy of a VOD movie today, it’s a lot different from owning a DVD copy of the same film.

This set of 1,000 NFTs is for the EXCLUSIVE rights to own the original theatrical cut of the film Lotawana, the first Feature Film from the career of EMMY Award-Winning writer/director, Trevor Hawkins. This recently completed film has never premiered publicly or been made available anywhere.

1 Copy = 1 Share (1,000 Shares Available). Every single copy of the 1,000 copies in this NFT collection represents a single share of the 1,000 total shares available. Each share has equal parts ownership in the movie, voting rights, and profit shares.

In a separate NFT collection of 1,000 shares, they are also offering the Actual Copyright to own this film in its entirety. Yes, you read that right, the actual copyright to this movie. You can own a film outright just like a movie studio.

In addition to the World Premiere NFT, buyers will receive:

  1. A limited-edition copy of the movie, LOTAWANA, in 4K and HD versions.
  2. A high-res, digital poster signed by writer/director Trevor Hawkins. The director’s signature will be scanned and applied to the digital poster.
  3. HD versions of the film’s U.S. theatrical trailers.

The digital items will be made available on a synchronized date via a digital link provided by the artist to the original first 1,000 buyers only. Buyers are responsible for supplying all assets and files to subsequent buyers should they opt to resell the NFT at a later date. This film is provided for personal use only, no commercial exploitation or exhibition allowed. Artist and shareholders retain all respective copyrights. This film will be released to the public in 2021.


Lotawana Official Frame #18 (Historical NFT) - UnbanksyTV DAO / LiveTheLifeTV

We started exploring erc721 in 2018 mainly to work on art-related royalties. Recently we connected with Dimitri Daniloff, the master behind the Daft Punk artwork and the iconic Playstation ads. He represents the exact reason why we got excited about NFT's in the first place. He lost control over his images when David Bowie shared them on social media with no attribution. His NFT’s are groundbreaking visual storytelling, where he scans objects and turns them into immersive art pieces that will fit right into our narrative. The UnbanksyTV DAO has the ambition to use the NFT bank feature of DAOhaus to create, curate, and collect iconic NFT's and represents our fire to empower artists by leveraging smart contracts to mint NFT's with a focus on giving artists more control over the licensing terms and unlock ways to deliver art to the metaverse world.

The Metaverse is a collective virtual shared space, created by the convergence of virtually enhanced physical reality and physically persistent virtual space, including the sum of all virtual worlds, augmented reality, and the Internet.

It is an invitation-only DAO aligned with the values of the Bankless DAO, Olympus DAO, FWB PRO, and DAOhaus.
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"NFTization of video content could eventually replace youtube and paid tv providers like Vimeo and AppleTV. Just a matter of more creators bringing fresh work to the table in this manner." - Yves

PS: Watch the UpOnlyTV episode with Cobie & Ledger and global macro thinker Raoul Pal, his vision of the metaverse is a must-watch.