Playground for creative people.

Travel Community with token-based rewards for visual storytelling and editorial contributions to let you explore.

Our foundation is a collective of amazing people striving to build the first travel guide (d)app.

The core function of the app is to let visual storytellers list hip hotels and cool places to live the good life. The end user will discover these hand-picked places based on their geolocation.

Explore all the very best places to stay, eat and play that are nearby. Somewhat similar to TripAdvisor but only curated. Read why we listed it, get directions and make a reservation.

The past 10 years, we curated 1000’s of listings and our brand has had exposure to 100 million eyeballs so far. We’ve built a community of nearly 100.000 followers. Today we believe we could scale up by expanding our team with coders, designers and visual storytellers.

In 2020 we plan to launch our own token,  one million community tokens that will NOT be for sale but need to be earned by participation. At this stage, we are bootstrapping till we are happy with the MVP, and are keen to expand the team with coders & designers.

Each task will be rewarded with a set amount of tokens, and my long term mission will be to reward creativity & participation. Letting coders, designers, writers, photographers, filmmakers and users of the app earn rewards by using the product and improving it.

The end goal is to use this platform to create, share and connect with like-minded people and let them reap the rewards of participation. Verified users will get an instant kickback in their wallet and will be able to spend it on our platform. For now 100% focus on building the app. See below.