Jordy Smith has lit up the professional surfing world over the last decade with superhuman feats on the land and in the water. He is extremely excited to be representing South Africa at the Tokyo Olympic Games. Making the 31-year-old the first South African surfer to qualify for the Olympics.

The IOC and Tokyo 2020 organisers held an executive board meeting this week at which they reiterated their hope the Games can be the "light at the end of the tunnel". However the IOC coordination acknowledged Covid-19 could still affect the rescheduled Olympics, which are due to take place from 23 July-8 August 2021. More reason to stay healthy and that often starts with quality food.

Ryan Miller/Red Bull Content Pool
It can't hurt to get some insights about healthy food from a world class athlete.

What food and drink is on your shopping list?

We eat chicken about 3 times a week, beef once and fish once. We also have veggie meals once or twice a week.

What’s in your fridge and kitchen cupboards?

I'm a huge believer in balance so there’s a lot of healthy, high in nutritional value foods, but also sweets and little sneaky snacks. Since we’re home in South Africa, we’ve got fresh fruit, berries, veggies, chia seeds, flax seeds, dates, a bar of chocolate or two, and Red Bull. Also lots of water, I go through about three litres a day whilst surfing in the salty water.

What do you eat when you’re training?

After training, I’ll usually make a smoothie – anything with peanut butter and banana, also I love berry smoothies and add flax, chia seeds and sometimes dates.

Do you have cheat days? If so, what’s your guilty pleasure?

Absolutely! They shouldn’t be called ‘cheat’ but rather ‘treat’ days’’. You can’t live every day at 100%, you’ve just got to balance it out. My wife, Lyndall, makes the deadliest pizza’s ever: Salami, feta, garlic and avocado. On a gluten-free bread base.

How important is meal planning when training?

It’s good to make sure you’re having food that helps you recover really quickly. I like to eat pretty clean and healthy – my body really works well with Paleo. I’m also pretty allergic to brewer’s yeast and dairy so it’s easy to stay away from it if we’ve got all the right ingredients we need at home in the fridge.

Ryan Miller/Red Bull Content Pool

What are your top tips for healthy eating?

1. Eat healthily 80% of the time and whatever your body craves now and then.
2. Eat foods that make you feel good! Foods that give you sustainable energy.
3. Eat lots of whole foods and buy from farmer’s markets.
4. Have a plan for the day and don’t skip meals.
5. You can eat a hamburger, just swap out fries for a salad.
6. Drink loads of water!