A Place to Live The Life

Lake Loft is the result of the combined efforts of a young French-German couple, partners in business as in life. Since she was a child, Christina has come to these parts on vacation with her parents, and she knows and loves the Landes. For his part, Olivier has been living in Hossegor for eleven years now and shares her passion for the area.

Together, they decided to instil the place with their own personalities and make it a unique house, as warm and welcoming as they are.

They open their door to you, to share their passion for Hossegor and its surroundings, in a tasteful and luxurious setting, all about rest and relaxation.

Welcoming and open-minded, Christina and Olivier speak fluent French, English and German. They can accommodate you for a night, a week or a month’s stay. 200 yards away from the lake’s beaches, half a mile from the ocean‘s and from the town centre, Lake Loft dwells at the heart of exceptionally rich and beautiful surroundings.

Rooted in the core of the Landes, at the frontier of the French Basque country, Hossegor’s location is a unique geographical crossroad, near Spain, within car distance of Bordeaux and its vineyards, of the typical cities of Biarritz, Bayonne and Dax, and their well-known festivals.

The entire area is rich with lovely natural landscapes, wide spaces, abundant fauna and flora, a coastline beaded with boundless sand beaches along the Côte d’Argent (Silver Coast). Between lake, forest and ocean, Hossegor provides much in regard to natural scenery suited for walks and hikes, discovery or relaxation.

A world-class spot for surf, Hossegor welcomes many surfers all year long. You can add golf, rugby, hiking and the traditional pelota to the list of favourite sports in the area, and you’ll find many opportunities to practice and enjoy.

Its many beautiful villas displaying an “Années Folles” architectural style give Hossegor a unique outlook, in touch with the easy-going local lifestyle. This pertains to the rich cultural identity of the Landes, that you can appreciate through the local festivals, cow races, stilt-walkers and bullfights, as well as its traditional music bands or its famous cuisine.

Right beside the marine lake of Hossegor, Lake Loft is meant to be a homelike resort, all about cosiness, calm and rest. An ideal vacation spot, it will appear stylish at first sight, with its distinctive inclined roof, befitting the area’s typical architecture.

Its traditional outlook reveals a modern and sophisticated inside. Lake Loft offers four carefully designed room, each with its own personality. The living space is a large comfy versatile room providing a bar and chimney, the perfect place for a relaxed and easy-going stay.

Set on a privileged location on high ground, Lake Loft offers a clear unblocked view of the extended surroundings (the forest of Seignosse, in particular). Outdoors around the main building, you’ll find the heated (23°C min.) swimming pool, all tiled with Balinese stones, the rooms’ private terraces, and the wide garden, fit as well for group activities as for personal relaxed moments.