A Place to Live The Life

Arrive with an open heart and leave changed forever. This is a vacation with a purpose. A destination with meaning. This is Nihi Sumba. The return to a life well-lived. This is not an escape from everyday life. A special place where rugged luxury meets unregulated freedom. Connect with something larger than yourself. A haven for the adventurer, for the wanderer, for the endlessly passionate and curious.

Staying at Nihi Sumba is a unique experience. A new way of living, designed to make you feel at home and yet completely transported to paradise. Every detail is taken care of. With a wide range of villas for couples, small and larger groups, there is something suitable for everyone. The views over the ocean and jungle are breathtaking. All meals, non-alcoholic drinks, local excursions and wifi are included.

Nihi Sumba Island is host to one of the world’s most coveted private waves. Known as “God’s Left,” or often called “Occy’s Left” (after the Australian surfer Mark Occhilupo). The wave presents a challenge because it is so sensitive to different conditions. Catching a good ride isn’t as easy as it looks, even for the most experienced surfer. But once you make the right pick, the reward is a 200 to 300 meter long and thrilling ride through sections of ripple walls and heavy barrels. The number of surfers is limited to 10 per day, adding to the special experience. Make sure to reserve your surf slot or book a boat transfer to one of the neighbouring waves.

Novice and first-time surfers can still get their feet wet with lessons on Occy’s, depending on the swell. Calmer waters can often be found at nearby Coconut Cove, where surfers can spend half a day with breakfast or lunch and do some light surfing, then be driven back to the resort.

Nihi Sumba Island brings you a culinary experience, using fresh produce from the on-site organic garden and local fish. Make your choice between the different restaurant settings; the open bar lounge, by the pool or on the beach. Grilling is done on an open fire and fresh pizzas are created in the wood-fired clay oven. The latest addition is the beachfront sushi bar. For special occasions, magical settings for romantic dinners are created.

At Nihi Sumba they can create your dream experience and retreat. Make your choice from the long activities list and include yoga, surf lessons, hikes, sunset massages and much more.

Through the generous support of Chris Burch, the owner of Nihi Sumba Resort, all administrative costs of the Sumba Foundation are maintained, allowing 100% of donations to directly fund meaningful projects. The Sumba Foundation provides humanitarian aid through village-based projects that impact local health by providing access to clean water, lessening the effects of Malaria and creating educational programs. Another priority is respecting and preserving the traditions and culture of the Sumbanese people. Nihi Sumba is easily accessible on 400 km east of Bali, taking you only 50 minutes.

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