Get ready to have your mind blown! Ikigai Labs brings to you our spectacular Genesis Series, a collection that's about to change the game in the digital art world. We've assembled a dream team of artists, the crème de la crème in the creative industry, and their works are nothing short of pure magic. Get to know the astonishing creations of artists such as X, Y, and Z - we guarantee you'll be talking about them at your next virtual dinner party!

We let our superstar curator, Florence Moll, loose in their digital studios and she's come back with a collection that’s a tour de force of each artist's unique vision. Each piece in this series showcases the individual aesthetic, the underlying concept, and the signature style that makes these artists the leaders of their pack.

The Genesis Series brings digital art that’s not just visually arresting but also challenges the status quo of optical art in the digital age. These pieces are alive - they pulse, move, and breathe, drawing you into their digital universe. It's like being inside a lava lamp – a mesmerizing experience that will leave you oddly satisfied!

Most NFT platforms lack an engaging, immersive experience for users. They simply serve as transactional platforms where NFTs are bought and sold. Ikigai Labs goes beyond this by providing a 3D digital art gallery, enhancing the user experience and allowing them to interact with and appreciate the art in a novel way. Ikigai Labs is centered around the following core solutions:

Empowering Artists

By adopting a non-custodial marketplace model, Ikigai Labs allows artists to maintain control over their work. They can mint their NFTs, set their own prices, and receive royalties from secondary sales. This ensures that artists are duly compensated for their work.

Curated Quality Content

The Ikigai Labs platform focuses on curated, high-quality, and unique collections. With experienced curators like Dimitri Daniloff and Florence Moll, and a collective of renowned artists, Ikigai Labs ensures only the best and most meaningful NFTs are made available to collectors.

Immersive Digital Experience

Through the development of a 3D digital art gallery in the metaverse, Ikigai Labs creates an immersive, interactive digital experience that goes beyond simple transactions. This allows collectors and art enthusiasts to appreciate the art pieces in a novel and engaging way.

We invite you to become a part of the Ikigai Labs journey and immerse yourself in our Genesis series. Visit our website to explore the collection, meet the artists, and learn more about our vision. To stay up-to-date on our latest releases, follow us on Twitter, and join our community on Discord. For those ready to dive deeper into the world of digital art, we encourage you to register on premint.