Joe is one of the hardest working people in tech, putting in 16+ hours/7 days a week. He is an incredible mentor who uses positive reinforcement & always defaults to respect.

He began his career working in robotics, machine vision, neural nets, and software engineering. He then transitioned into finance, building trading systems, running a hedge fund, and working for Goldman Sachs' private wealth management division. He also detoured to Jamaica for a stint in music management.

Lubin was already aware of blockchain’s merits by the time the Ethereum white paper was released in 2013. By January 2014, Lubin had met Ethereum co-founders Anthony Diiorio and Vitalik Buterin, and committed to joining the Ethereum project. He is the founder of the 600-employee behemoth ConsenSys, which serves as a "venture production studio" for the Ethereum ecosystem

Creating shared blockchain infrastructure could serve as "an organizing principle for Earth, the world, the planet." - Joe Lubin