Visual artist Jonathan Rosen has teamed up with Treum, the company behind the wildly successful NFT project EulerBeats, to release a limited set of NFTs exhibited first on a 36-screen digital facade on Oxford Street in London and currently displayed on Nasdaq’s seven-story tower in Times Square, New York.

Times Square NFT Drop
Jonathan Rosen and Treum Team Up for Massive NFT Drop - Decrypt
The latest digital art project from the team behind EulerBeats and the international artist asks collectors to put a price on human desires.

This chance-based mint was designed by the artist to create NFTs for the people. Each unique Jonathan Rosen 1-of-1 single-phrase NFT is generated at random from available phrases. All four “Anchor” phrases have a total of 1000 phrase possibilities and as those phrases are minted, they are removed from the minting database. Jonathan’s artwork is designed to explore the subconscious, so after receiving your NFT see what personal connections and meanings you can make to your new piece.

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