Born in 1993, Justin Mauvin first rode waves as a baby on her mom’s board, entering her first contest at 13 years old at Les Roches Noires.

A couple of years ago we enjoyed a live performance of Justin at Jo&Jo during the Quiksilver Pro Press Event in Hossegor. A couple of months later she performed at the Ancien Belgique (AB) and to this day, we regret we didn't go watch that show in the city of my birth, but we did start following her musical career from a distance. Below are a couple of music videos that showcase her talent & vibe. Katrien and I share a strong emotion about all thing "La Réunion" as we came very very close to making it our new home, after years of battling with getting a South African permanent visa, the French tropical island seemed the perfect base to live life near Jeffreys Bay and still enjoy the liberty of having a European ID.

Justin Mauvin went on to win the titles of French Longboard Champion, Vice European Longboard Champion, Pan-American Champion, and is part of the Roxy team. For the past few years, she has been based in Biarritz, a place where she can fully express her skills in the water and in her music.

"Music allows me to release my emotions and express them. In the water, I often have music in my head that accompanies me. When I surf, my whole body becomes the vector of my expression. I dance to a rhythm imposed by the waves, my environment and my state of mind. I juggle between the surfing and music scenes to find a balance, but there are not many differences between the two disciplines. They are all about creation and spontaneity, and go through me in the same way."

"Surfing is like playing music or writing a song. You're free to do what you want, and this massive feeling of freedom is addictive. Whether I am in the water or playing music, I feel closer to my inner feelings because every feeling is more profound. Being able to express and receive between deep inside and what you hear (music), what you see, watch, and touch (nature)... "

Source: insideoutwomen

Sibu Manaï is Justine Mauvin. She has always been singing and writing music while traveling around the globe. Growing up on a tropical island where diversity is key, her music is where tradition and modernity meet. Justin is really willing to express her inner feelings through this mix of modern Soul and traditional Pop.

During the 2017 international surf film festival in Anglet, the jury’s deliberations were more than heated. “It could have ended in a fight,” joked Wilco Prins, President of the Jury. Two hours of discussions took place before all seven members of the jury agreed on a winner. The Best Film Prize was awarded not to one film, but to two films: 80 e Tal, and Biarritz Surf gang. To warm the ceremony from the beginning, the public award was given to Kaleleo, Justine Mauvin and Damien Castera!

Cover Image: Cecile Chabert

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