2key Network is disrupting the sector by creating a seamless solution: integrating smart contracts into HTML links. Smart Links are compatible with not only the Web 3.0, but also the Web 2.0 as everyone on the net already utilizes/shares links. The Smart Link natively tracks who a link has been shared with and, if a link leads to a revenue-driving action, every sharer gets a share of the pie.

Learn how to open a 2key wallet, how to swap ETH and other cryptocurrencies to 2KEY tokens straight from the wallet, and how to stake 2KEY tokens in your wallet! The video shows you how to set up your wallet.

2key Network is democratizing distribution of value by enhancing something people already do: share links.

The most direct and basic function of Kyber Network is for instantly swapping ETH tokens into 2Key Tokens as we use these for our marketing strategy. Ambassadors can now earn rewards!

Kyber Network is an on-chain liquidity protocol that aggregates liquidity from different sources, providing the best available token rates for any application that taps into its liquidity pool. Kyber transactions are performed entirely on the blockchain, and thus are fully transparent and verifiable.

At present, if you are not a token holder of a certain Dapp you can't use it. With Kyber, you could use your existing tokens, instantly swap them for the Dapp specific token and away you go.

KyberSwap.com DEX unveiled a new design with that allows users to trade in a fast, simple, and secure manner. They now support 70+ tokens, a fiat to crypto on-ramp, price alerts, and non-custodial limit orders, among other features.

Limit orders on Kyber allow users to set a specific price in which they would like to exchange a token instead of accepting whatever price currently exists at the time of trading. However, unlike with other exchanges, users never lose custody of their crypto assets during limit orders on Kyber.

The goal of Kyber in the coming years is to solidify its position as a one-stop solution for powering liquidity and token swapping on Ethereum.  In 2020, Kyber plans on a major protocol upgrade called Katalyst, which will create new incentives and growth opportunities for all stakeholders in their ecosystem, especially KNC holders. The upgrade will mean more use cases for KNC including to use KNC to vote on governance decisions through a decentralized organization (DAO) called the KyberDAO.

Coinbase supports Kyber Network. KNC will be available in all regions, with the exception of New York and the United Kingdom.

Kyber Network | The On-Chain Liquidity Protocol
Kyber Network is connecting the fragmented tokenized world by enabling instant and seamless transactions between platforms, ecosystems and other use cases. Read more...