Maya is Canadian, obsessed with sailboats, and loves to play the violin. Aladino is Swiss/Italian, a boatbuilder by profession, and an incredible sailor.

They met in the summer of 2017. Maya had just graduated from a 4 year university degree in Canada, and had accepted a job on a tall ship in the Mediterranean.

Aladino was also sailing around the Mediterranean on a 31ft Jeanneau Rush which he won for an insanely good price at an auction. That boat has since been sold.

When she met Aladino, she could tell he was very special. Their boats were sailing to different places, but they kept in touch, and when the summer season ended Maya decided to go visit him in Switzerland.

On her first day in Switzerland, she texted her best friend back home in Canada: “I think I just met my future husband.

Magic Carpet

Magic Carpet is a 28ft Vindo 32, a Swedish boat that, four years ago, fell 20ft from a crane onto concrete. She was an insurance right off, destined for the junk yard. But, Aladino bought her and spent four years giving her a new life.

The “32” in the name refers to sail area, not length. Cheeky Swedes! She was built in 1979, and was bought by a Swiss couple who took impeccable care of her for 40+ years. In 2013, tragedy struck. She was a total write-off. Her keel was crushed, the entire transom blew out, the rudder was mangled, and there was a giant crack on her port side. That’s when Aladino found her. He saved her the junkyard and gave her new life. He spent four years expertly rebuilding her hull and turning her into his masterpiece.

During the last year of the restoration, Aladino and Maya met, and Maya helped with the last pieces of the restoration. Check out her Patreon account to get access to Maya’s secret journal, early access to the videos, AND their undying gratitude!

The dream is to make filmmaking and sailing a full time way of life.
Sailing Magic Carpet
Documenting the sailing adventures, restoration endeavours, and life changing moments in the lives of Maya and Aladino. We aim to tell beautiful stories abou...

"Our videos focus on sailing, music, storytelling, and serenity. We hope our videos inspire you to pursue your own dreams and to develop a greater appreciation for the diversity and beauty of the world."

They launched Magic Carpet in Basel, Switzerland in June of 2018,  just a few days after they got married! They took her through the French canals on a two-week journey to the Mediterranean.