We use memberships to develop a relationship with our audience and generate recurring revenue to support the work of photographers and filmmakers.

Through vivid, audiovisual storytelling, we get at the heart of what’s most meaningful for today’s traveller: the lived moment. With a passion for surfing, hospitality and architecture, ambassadors go beyond curating their own hotspots.

Advertising models no longer work

Google and Facebook have taken all the available ad dollars, leaving publishers to fight for the last remaining scraps of revenue by any means possible. Clickbait, fake news, content-farms and outrage are the desperate final attempts to hold onto past traffic levels. Everyone is struggling with a viable business model for publishing, and an editorial strategy beyond trying to compete for as much traffic as possible. Some publishers are beginning to have success with a new approach; Selling premium subscriptions to their work, creating a direct relationship with their audience - and providing value to them as customers.

LTL celebrates those who Live The Life

LTL Ambassadors are paid for original commissioned articles that have not been published elsewhere. We have enjoyed the golden years of printed media and experienced the downfall as well. It’s time to figure out ways to start paying storytellers and this is the solution we are developing by sharing subscription revenues with all the writers that join our editorial team. Writers are paid every month based on how members engage with their stories. In some cases, we may reach out to authors to republish outstanding articles.

Some Guidelines?

Our publication promotes a free and energetic lifestyle. The content should be informative and captivating while remaining family-friendly. The wave-loving, adventure-seeking outdoor enthusiasts of the world are engaged with topics relevant to their passions. The type of content you provide is entirely your call, from how you live your life, the surf, the build-up to departure and getting ready to chase your dreams. The main focus will be interviewing, so if that’s something you’re into, well then you might just have found a new place to publish your content. We’re pretty open-minded, it can be about food, culture, art, music, etc … At least one good cover shot is a must and if there is a video to support the story, cool!

Sounds like a match!

We are building a vast publishing platform with many high authority authors publishing content on a frequent basis. Unlike Twitter, the focus is on long-form content with a minimum reading time of three minutes. A photography portfolio can be an exception. Hot topics are entrepreneurship, food and culture.

Turning the flywheel

The willingness of online readers, to pay for quality content makes serving those paid subscribers the only priority. This recurring income stream from subscribers helps smooth out the cash flow ups-and-downs that plague digital publishers.

To make the flywheel turn, we will start by inviting storytellers. The formula is pretty straightforward => More Ambassadors => Greater Selection => Better Experience => More Users => More Recommendations => More Trust => Repeat Users => More Bookings => More Token Rewards =>

Additionally, you can earn additional tokens with every booking driven from your unique content. A Smart Link binds smart contracts into normal web links. This enables the creator of the Smart Link to gain multi-step tracking of the Smart Link’s shares and subsequently reward those who shared the link whenever a conversion happens. Get in touch if this seems like an adventure you care to join.