In an era where technology is the driving force behind human connection, Ikigai Labs envisions a more accessible and cohesive world – a Web 3.0 environment that seamlessly interweaves blockchain, smart contracts, and digital identity.

We believe in a marketing paradigm that transcends the limitations of Web 2.0, where algorithms, ad auctions, user targeting, and delivery optimization dominated. Instead, we strive towards a decentralized attribution system, where the complexities of user engagement are distilled into a straightforward, user-friendly process, facilitated by our cutting-edge project, Spindl.

Attribution for Web3 at your fingertips | Spindl
Make more intelligent business decisions in web3 using Spindl’s attribution tooling.

Spindl, inspired by the Greek mythology of the three Fates and their spindle, represents our commitment to distill the chaos of Internet data into a comprehensive, coherent narrative. It aims to allocate appropriate rewards to rightful owners in the digital realm, mirroring the Fates' role in determining a person's rightful share of life.

This tool is not merely a marketing solution; it symbolizes our belief in a future where decentralization reigns, and fairness is not an exception but the rule. It is our vision of a world where the intricacies of crypto-economics are simplified and made accessible to all.

The eli5 on Web 3 attribution - Documentation
Making the crypto cash register ring

We, at Ikigai Labs, do not seek to control this innovation; instead, we envision Spindl evolving into a public utility, a truly decentralized protocol that does not belong uniquely to us. We aspire to contribute to a digital landscape that is not governed by monopolies, but collectively owned by the community it serves.

We acknowledge that the road to this future is complex, filled with both challenges and opportunities. However, our commitment to creating a fair, decentralized, and user-friendly digital realm is unwavering.

Thus, we invite you to join us in our journey towards Media 3.0. We believe that through partnerships and collaborations, we can make this vision a reality, unlocking endless possibilities in the vast digital expanse. Together, let us spin the chaos of data into a thread of clarity, fairness, and shared ownership, shaping the future of the digital world one thread at a time.

Cost per value (CPV): a new media business model
The history of media can be told in the history of its business models, which themselves depend on the time and society that spawned them. The first step toward media measurement was in 1869, when George Rowell published The American Newspaper Directory