A manifesto can serve as a mission statement for how you go about living your life and an outline for the kind of project that you want to be. Yesterday afternoon, I told everyone on the Odyssey team to write down not WHAT we are doing, but WHY. Β It is whatever resonates with you. Here are some thoughts from MJR. He's a πŸ‘‘ tbh

Imagine launching a marketplace in 2022. Firstly, let's unpack the bull case.

NFTs, like traditional art, represent more than just aesthetics and speculative value, they capture much of the abstract qualities that we define as "society".

The major 0-1 leap of NFTs was filling a sense of belonging. Even now, multiple projects defy reason and logic, and they simply explode into fully-fledged ecosystems overnight. Why? Because you can't just use an ICO or airdrop to build a sustainable vibe.

At Odyssey, we realized that there was a strong intersection between artistic innovation and community-building. The focal rule is respecting the vibe of the community first, and respecting the artist, like Dimitri Daniloff, Β that resonates with that vibe.

On the other hand, there are those that depict our vibe disingenuously, e.g. that 2 hr video (tl;dr, they see the attention and less scrupulous projects as evidence of an echo chamber that seeks out fresh, uninformed money). The criticism often comes from non-participants. Why the hate? Because NFTs as an industry are judged by failures from the outside. Consider why people get into NFTs if there's no clear contender? What is the strongest value prop that outcompetes this sort of noise?

The core truth of our space is that no matter how fun things get, no matter how lucrative collecting becomes, the value comes from the community. We simply observe these pieces coming together, but the credit goes to the artists, curators, & collectors for generating this.

We observed larger marketplaces either neglect the vibe or try and farm it. The closest that we've come to the source has been ZORA, a hyperstructure in the making. So we know that something will take off, and we know the community deserves to be first served. We know that NFTs will evolve along the lines of
LensProtocol and ENSdomains, that the greatest facets involve identity and interaction. Additionally, with new techniques and new, transformative formats of art, we know that "traditional" NFTs still have a lot of potentials.

We know that NFT mints deserve more upfront Sybil resistance, and we know that allowlists don't cut it (although they're far better than a raw first come/first served gas war). At Odyssey, we're experimenting with a new nontransferable form of identity, one that respects the labor and passion that all marketplace participants pour into their communities, that may go unrecognized.

Marketplaces should be the healthiest gathering points for those that generate value. We're excited to experiment with the next-gen platform design to that end.

It's pretty simple. $OHM is a floating decentralized reserve currency. Odyssey is a platform that distributes $OHM back to the community. Our prestige system is an evolving, Sybil-resistant backstop. And the art? The art is πŸ”₯. As the prestige system ages, the art will become more creative, more innovative, and more curated, and the community will benefit further and further from the activity. enough PVP, and mercenary games. We're taking the real value, and taking it to the next level. We're building new bridges between ecosystems and their communities.

The Odyssey market will mark a new era of NFT marketplace development. There will also be a robust and fair launch logic which we will expand upon so that everyone can understand the value we are bringing to the artists, collectors, and Odyssey.

Artists, as the lifeblood of the Odyssey marketplace, are the main focus of the platform - Β we want them and their collections to shine. Β