The Odyssey is an ancient Greek epic poem divided into 33 books. It follows the Greek hero Odysseus, king of Mountain Olympus, and his journey home with Poseidon, Olympian god of the sea. The moral values in our story include loyalty, compassion, self-control, and perseverance. Loyalty is an important moral value in The Odyssey. Through perseverance, demonstrated by staking tokens, we can succeed together. Determination and cleverness definitely helped Odysseus complete his 33-year journey. Each year a book could be published to reinforce our culture while also providing narrative layers of our futuristic adventure.

PILLS Story Mode
PILLS Story Mode is an interactive story currently unfolding across Ethereum. PILLS players both participate in and create the narrative universe — its memes, places, events and characters.
Discord Autonomous Organization
This is a time to dive deeper into specific topics like crypto-economics, our mission and values, or culture code cultivation with the community and is a great opportunity for anyone to join the conversation. Check out the LTL Discord to see if there’s an upcoming jam with a topic that interests you

It is no secret that the strength of a DAO is in its culture. The Odyssey DAO proposes a process of curating art and making it reflective of the ohmies culture and narrative. Running with this idea, it is this proposal's objective to introduce an NFT strategy that will serve as an onboarding mechanism powered by community rewards and supported by visual storytelling.

  • Art Gallery / VR Auction Room
  • Odyssey DAO/ Curation &Artist Collabs
  • NFT with Defi Mechanics
  • Storytelling + Avatars in 3D

Increasing protocol interactivity

The GΞNΞSIS NFT's offer access to our Odyssey DAO Discord, where the community will be engaged around NFT's in a way that sustains long-term growth and decentralized collaborative approach. As an added incentive to early adopters, GΞNΞSIS participants will receive airdrops of NFT's minted between 2021 and 2022.

The GΞNΞSIS collection is nostalgia mixed with a vision for the future of art.

Not only is each individual NFT a mini-story that can stand on its own, but each is also able to connect with a larger narrative through juxtaposition of the collection as a whole. These NFT's combine elements of historic value, heritage, and next-gen computation and technology. They explore the tension between the ancient world and its simulated counterpart— between organic and inorganic, digital and analog. After four weeks of research, we have come across four ancient statues that are 2,000+ years old and are a part of Greek mythology. Some of these statues have been auctioned by Sotheby's in the '90s and some have received a solid valuation. Ready to fly around the world to go scan these, we did some detective work and serendipity came into play. They ended up being located in a city near us and the art dealer invited us to discover these gems and agreed that they can be scanned by Dimitri. He will transform these historic objects into immersive NFT's that allow Ohmies to travel back to the future.

Collecting digital artifacts of identified cultural significance and transposing them to the digital renaissance.

The NFT's are based on the ERC-721 standard so you can trade them on all platforms, but they will also include a certificate of authenticity which can be validated by the Odyssey project, and this will serve to protect the sovereignty of the artist as well as the pedigree of the NFT.

Our NFT's are the ultimate ohmieflex. (3,3) is the name of the game

#Common - Supply 3333
#Uncommon - Supply 333
#Rare - Supply 33

#SuperRare - 3

Pricing NFT Art has no blueprint
There’s no blueprint, there’s no magic formula when it comes to pricing NFT’s, or even Art in general. Price is what you pay, value is what you get (out of it). The fun thing is that there is plenty of room to get creative, even when it comes to figuring out the pricing strategy.
unbanksytv - Overview
Art is the frontend, and decentralized finance is the backend. We’re a DAO network of designers, visual storytellers, NFT collectors, artists, and web3 devs. - unbanksytv

Power Through Partnership

In the lead-up to our launch, we will curate and issue limited-edition t-shirts through a collaboration with MetaFactory to generate a meaningful amount of treasury for the Odyssey DAO. Royalties: 33% to the artist, 33% to odyssey fund
33% to the treasury (Olympus DAO) and 1% for gas fees.

During the next 24 months, we will exhibit one artist monthly on the LiveTheLifeTV media node in partnership with the Olympus DAO, Bankless DAO, FWP PRO, DAOhause, BAYC, Wicked Craniums, etc ...

He who rises with the wave is not swallowed by it*. Olympus DAO
Staking rewards on OHM tokens are a part of the current growth phase of the protocol, are used to drive users to grow the total amount of OHM they hold. This is counter to hoping tokens appreciate in value. The perfect currency holds the same purchasing power today as in 50 years.
The Art Of the POAP is in the event details
I see them for the ERC-721 that they really are, and so I feel it’s important to have them designed as if it was a valuable NFT, because they are, and so we create them as a PSD that is high enough quality so that it could later be used for printing limited-edition swag
Tribute to the CypherPunks Movement
MetaFactory DAO’s goal is to produce “digital assets” that connect multiple worlds via NFTs, embedded microchips, and more. At the end of each purchase, buyers receive a certain amount of ROBOT tokens.
Excited to announce its first NFT Drop collab with iconic artist Dimitri Daniloff.

Around the Millenium, Dimitri Daniloff pioneered the switch from analog to digital and is now innovating once again through photogrammetry. This technique unlocks groundbreaking visual storytelling, where he scans historic objects and turns them into immersive art pieces that go beyond turning 2D images into 3D.

Dimitri Daniloff
He first experimented with 4×5 view cameras and then turned to the practice of digital art. He now produces new scenes of everyday life by assembling raw elements with real subjects – always finding the right balance between authenticity and fiction.

Some of the brands that bought his work so far: Absolut Vodka, Air France, Audi, Carlsberg, Land Rover, LG, Longchamp, Nike, Sony Playstation, and others.

Preserve artist sovereignty

Dimitri Daniloff, the master behind the Daft Punk artwork, represents the exact reason why we got excited about NFT's in the first place. He lost control over his images when the media published images from David Bowie wearing the Daft Punk outfit, with no attribution to the original image. Connecting with Dimitri was the birth of the UnbanksyTV DAO. We focus on giving artists more control over the licensing terms. We started exploring erc721 as early as 2018 mainly to work on art-related royalties, and similar to Mark Cuban it was our AHA moment to get involved in the NFT space.

Here’s David Bowie wearing Daft Punk’s helmet - Consequence
The Thin White Duke spoofs himself and the French robots.

Metrics of Success

A piece of APLHA @Fiskantes dropped on a podcast: "dedicated, die-hard, organically built community is key for the success and longevity of a project. Think Bitcoiners, LinkMarines, and Eth. They attracted a community of diamond-handed, big picture thinkers. They didn’t just mint tokens, these projects minted armies of millionaires that now defend these projects against detractors with a rabid passion." Therefore it is key that the Olympus community gets early access to these NFTs.

  • Protocol User Acquisition
  • Community Inflow
  • Community Participation
  • Artist NFT Revenue
  • Odyssey NFT Revenue
  • Merch Crowdfunding
  • NFT20 Liquity Pool
Trade, Swap & Sell NFTs

DAO-to-DAO grants strategy

The DAOhaus makes our purpose-driven DAO-to-DAO grants strategy transparent

"Because the act of curation is being conducted entirely on-chain, it is now possible to create trustless Curator DAOs—community organizations that can collectively own and operate an auction house. This means that any group of artists, collectors, and curators can come together to start their own fully functioning and community-owned NFT marketplace, gallery, or exhibition as they wish. By using a DAO, you can distribute ownership with a token to all collaborators, contributors, and community members. Community-owned NFT marketplaces, galleries, auction houses, and platforms are now entirely possible."

Curating immersive exhibitions

Minimum Viable Product

During Fohmo2 an Odyssey-initiated event took place where a POAP token was released during each meeting. Prior to Fohmo 2 it was announced that these POAP's would be redeemable for Odyssey NFT raffle tickets. This resulted in 1,124 POAP claims over the course of five days. Overall POAP participation outpaced the majority of other POAP events taking place in the POAP gallery, demonstrating proof that significant organic demand for NFT's exists within the Olympus community. We are already receiving private messages and public inquiries from community members regarding the future Odyssey release.

Layers of Cultural Value


No doubt it will be a voyage marked by an intellectual wandering of self-discovery. In short, it will be an odyssey from experiment to faith. If Olympus DAO is New York City, Odyssey DAO is the MoMa. It attracts people to the world's best city and curates the finest artists who represent the quality of Olympus culture. We aim to spotlight upcoming artists and give them an incentive to want to work within our culture, while spotlighting the loyalty of Olympus members so that their trust in each other be celebrated.

Assets for the metaverse future
Ultimately, our Code Art Studio is researching a novel way of applying ML to accelerate the 3D design process. This approach takes the first steps towards a future where designers can work together with ML algorithms to focus on the creative aspects and iterating rapidly on an unprecedented scale.
Earned media beats paid ads
If you do have to do something promotional, do something unconventional. Publicity stunts, atypical ads, being the first at something. Be noteworthy and contrarian because earned media beats out paid ads, and its way more fun!
NFTs with DeFi mechanics
Ownership is baked into the content itself. If the owner sells the NFT, the original creator can automatically receive royalties. The Odyssey DAO represents a collection of curated NFT artworks. It combines digital art with DeFi mechanics, as every NFT held generates sOHM tokens daily.

Vote on upcoming artists

We aim to spotlight upcoming artists and give them an incentive to want to work within our culture while spotlighting the loyalty of Olympus members so that their trust in each other can be celebrated.

The visual work of Pier Paolo
Only after I bought the NFT, I start googling to find out more about the artist ... and discover that ... some of his clients include Google, Nike, MTV, Volkswagen. ... I end up exploring his Instagram, and I see some 3D’s that I like beyond words. To cut to the chase, I’m sold!
Léo Caillard
Leo Caillard. Contemporary Art and Photo Editions. Leo Caillard represents the new generation of emerging artist with his singular vision. Overlapping Art work, technology, and imagination. He opens a dialog in between past and present by remastering classical antique figures into contemporary art p…
Daniel Arsham is a contemporary artist based in New York City.

About Olympus DAO

(3,3) Ohmies riding towards the sun
Anon will rather want to get rekt on BSC again for the pure thrill of chasing the next 100x only gem, within 2 weeks. We can’t all be The Chad Benji. Ohmies staking riding towards the sun. The reserve currency legend has just begun.

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Collector DAOs with Rarible Boost on Daohaus
Rarible DAOhaus Boost Funding Milestones and Payments TL;DR NFT creator, collector, and curator DAOs are gaining a lot of attention right now. This proposal is to build a native interface on the DAOhaus platform to interact with the Rarible protocol. Problem / Opportunity Collecting NFTs with frien…
First feature film ever as NFT
A monotonous life has pushed the unfulfilled Forrest (Todd Blubaugh) to a voyage of self-discovery by living amongst nature aboard his sailboat, Lorelei, on an alluring Missouri lake. Soon he catches wind of the rebellious and free-spirited Everly (Nicola Collie) and their idealistic dreams align.
The Defiant guide to Art and NFTs + 🔥 Docu
Following the great DeFi summer many have been predicting NFTs to be the tricky second album. This is a monumentally large subject with competing viewpoints and every level of talent from scammer to international superstar. + an NFT film covering - art, music, fashion, defi, and the metaverse.

Fully immersive experiences?

NiftyKit - The Easiest Way to Create, Manage and Sell NFTs
NiftyKit provides simple tools for creators, brands, and businesses to get started with NFTs and smart contracts. No experience with blockchain or crypto required.

The UX for artists and collectors to show & auction their NFTs in fully immersive experiences? Explore the demo at &

UnbanksyTV #gobankless
Fully immersive NFT show on Cyber.
Odyssey DAO Teaser
Fully immersive NFT show on Cyber.

The Metaverse is a collective virtual shared space, including augmented reality on the Internet. This virtual world where people interact with each other through avatars – will see the beginnings of a robust economic system based on the use of NFTs. The ultimate mission is to create a virtual museum with an art collection owned and curated by the Odyssey DAO.

"My bets are moving towards the metaverse and social tokens, and community tokens, which I think are going to be a huge, huge disruptive business model, and I think the metaverse is where everything is going."  - Raoul Pal

Fresh & bright ideas for V2

"Put the proceeds of the initial sale into a community-owned treasury of interest-bearing assets and continuously buy up the floor with the accrued interest and burn the bought floor NFTs. Infinite demand side." UnbanksyTV

Generative Art NFT's based on which assets, which size and for how long you lock them." - Fiskantes (
NFT Technology | Defi NFTs | New NFT Protocols : Charged Particles
Transform your NFT into a basket holding other tokens with our NFT technology and new NFT protocols. Configure principal. Program interest. You’re in Charge!

NFTs are a new model for patronage of the arts. Collectors buy NFTs to support the artists they love and in return, receive tokens of their appreciation to display across the metaverse. What if you could collect NFTs and support art without losing access to your crypto assets? 😳

🔥 Staking auctions: Collectors can stake sOHM tokens to the protocol as an NFT “bid”. The highest staked bid receives the NFT, and the staked sOHM generates continuous rewards that go directly to the artist. By staking your sOHM, you transform it into a productive creative asset, generating rewards that fund more of the art you'd like to see in the world. If the NFT collector wishes to remove their staked sOHM at any point, 10% of the sOHM will go to the artist, the NFT will be returned to the artist, and the remaining 90% of the sOHM tokens will be returned to the collector’s wallet. With this innovation, collectors can share their abundance and leverage their assets to fund creativity and causes they care about?

Imagine: "hey you are ohmie number 4000. Or hey you purchased the bond that brought us to 4m RFV. You helped us to achieve a milestone here is your present. Right now there is no real way to identify the address that caused a certain milestone to be reached." I am not sure if this is technically feasible but it would be cool if UMA KPI's would automatically get an NFT so that you can get into the hall of fame, like badges of honor that you collect?"

Underlying assets + future yield + extremely exclusive art = A hell of an NFT?

33333 generative metaverse avatars for the ohmies? Avatars have special titles in Discord. The cost is 0.033 Eth with a max mint of 100 at a time. The individual who overbids the most over .033 wins an ultra-chad outfit?

An "ohmless" fund - a community-oriented charity program to help improve the lives of ohmies backed by Odyssey DAO?

Imagine an Odyssey museum showcasing the curated collection where the Odyssey DAO can send it to a smart contract to allow "official" rental while still remaining in the custody of the piece. People could visit the virtual museum through VR anytime they wish for a small admission? Tokens could provide further access to private collections or artist studios. 👀 NFT owners can lend out their NFTs to the museum to display them for a fee as well. That is also a great use case for an IRL art gallery with the ThemataFrame.  Ready Player One IRL coming soon? Like it or not, it's happening For now, focus on V1 😅