Welcome anon, to the next phase of Olympus.

A new place to thrive and grow, to discover new wonders, to create, trade, and sing arm in arm with your brothers and sisters.

Let us tell you the story of Odyssey.

In the beginning, Zeus gifted mankind with a new financial paradigm: OHM. The OlympusDAO protocol saw rapid cycles of growth, bootstrapping not just monetary value, but a loyal community of Ohmies.

The Ohmies dreamed of a new marketplace for the Olympus community. They envisioned a place to trade culture and stories, celebrate the artists of their time, and discover new wonders from faraway lands.

They set off on a ship into the great unknown. On their journey, they faced many perils, monsters of wrath and sirens of greed, seemingly impassable obstacles, and at times they lost hope.

On one such night, a powerful whirlpool the size of fifty galleys threatened to sink the Ohmies below backing. The Ohmies, weak and weary, prayed to Zeus to do something. Like a vision in the clouds, he appeared with a message for each and every Ohmie. “You are all Zeus,” his voice echoed out. Looking around them, they saw the face of their god on each and every Ohmie, and in their bodies they felt an electric charge to carry on, rowing their ship to safety. For their heroic deed, Zeus bestowed upon them an image in his likeness, to remind them of his message, and to bring favor upon their journey.

So goes the origin Zeus.

The Ohmies accrued many riches on their journey, and some forked off into new crews to build new civilizations. Many never returned. Those that did return brought with them a new appreciation for order. In their dreams they had seen him, The Emperor, a ruler both powerful and just, and when they awoke they vowed to live by these values from this day hence.

So goes the origin of The Emperor.

On an island in the middle of the sea, with jaded eyes and minds full of FUD, the Ohmies saw her: The Goddess. From her lips flowed a tender melody that wove its way into the hearts of the Ohmies, reminding them of what truly matters in life. They smelled the fresh sea air, felt the grass underneath their feet, and clasped the shoulders of their brethren. They were renewed. Humming her song, they returned to their ship and carried on.

So goes the origin of The Goddess.

Toward the end of their journey, the Ohmies were met by a powerful storm. The rain fell in heavy torrents and the wind blew in wild gayles, threatening to sink their ship and all its precious cargo. They were so close to returning home with the wonders they had found, eager to share these treasures with the community. Now it seemed that all would be lost. Suddenly, a ray of light broke through the clouds, and the sun god Apollo appeared. With a swift arm, he banished the clouds, and with a steady hand, he calmed the winds. The day was bright and the way home was clear. The Ohmies cheered in the warm sunlight to the god Apollo.

So goes the origin Apollo.

The Ohmies returned to Mt. Olympus and told of their heroic Journey. “The world is vast,” they said, “and there is much to see. We will build a marketplace here, to trade and showcase the wonders of the world.”

With the four Genesis NFTs as cornerstones, they built a vast and open marketplace. Here they put forth the mysteries of new worlds and artisans and challenged others to return with their own. The marketplace would be a platform to celebrate culture, discover new art, transact in their currency OHM, and implement new ideas. After their journey, they called this marketplace: Odyssey

Olympus Odyssey