Welcome to the eclectic, electric world of Ikigai Labs, where creativity and curation aren't just buzzwords, they're our lifeblood. We're all about that "ikigai," a Japanese concept that blends passion, skill, and reward, and we've stamped this ethos all over our love for fine art.

Creating, curating, collecting: it's our jam. We're all about encouraging talented artists to play around with traditional and digital forms, throwing out sparks of innovation that set the art world ablaze. But hey, we don't stop at just making beautiful things; we're also about nurturing the talent behind it. That's why we're investing in artist residencies, where creators can let their imaginations run wild.

Now, let's talk marketplaces. We've got our own—because why not? It's not just any marketplace; it's a place where our artists feel seen, secure, and supported. No knock-offs, no funny business, just pure, unadulterated artistic respect. But don't let that distract you from our core: We’re about art first, marketplace second.

Sure, we've got our fingers on the pulse of the digital, but we're also about that bricks-and-mortar life. Our artist residencies aren't just places for our artists to crash; they're a testament to our commitment to art, a solid foundation for our valuation, and, frankly, they’re pretty cool spaces to hang out in.

Treading the path blazed by pioneers like Cryptopunks and Art Blocks, we're not here for the rat race. We're here to make our mark on the art world canvas, creating, celebrating, and living art, all day, every day. So, join us on this art-venture. Ikigai Labs: where art's not just what we do, it's who we are.

Here's the updated team summary:

The DNA of Ikigai Labs pulses with the energy of a diverse team, each contributing their unique expertise and a dash of fun to the mix.

At the helm, we have our founder, Yves, the visionary who is always a step ahead in the ever-evolving NFT and crypto art scene. Yves has a knack for marrying sound business strategy with a genuine passion for art, giving Ikigai Labs its distinctive character.

Our technological wizard, Roy, serves as our CTO. A hackathon-winning full-stack developer, Roy fortifies our operations with top-notch tech solutions while keeping our digital infrastructure smooth and efficient. His wizardry ensures that Ikigai Labs remains at the forefront of innovation in the world of digital art.

Our core creator, Dimitri Daniloff, breathes life into our artworks. His exceptional skills allow him to infuse technology and creativity in ways that birth unique, captivating pieces that truly represent the Ikigai Labs brand.

Florence Moll, our renowned curator, is at the heart of our artist residency program. Florence's keen eye for talent and her knack for fostering vibrant, productive environments keep us connected to a network of exciting and diverse artists.

Finally, there's Katrien, our tireless manager who keeps the Ikigai Labs machine well-oiled and running efficiently. From engaging our community on Discord servers to handling operational details, Katrien ensures everything ticks along smoothly.

Each of these vibrant individuals contributes to making Ikigai Labs more than a company—it's a spirited, lively community. Under the visionary leadership of Yves, with Roy's technical prowess, Dimitri's creative genius, Florence's curatorial acumen, and Katrien's diligent management, we're not just pushing boundaries—we're creating waves of innovation and having a fantastic time while at it!


Delaware, USA - Break out the bubbly! Ikigai Labs, our exclusive clubhouse for artists and collectors, has just fired up its continuous funding powered by FairMint.

The lowdown? We've been starstruck by the phenomenal talents in digital art out there and thought, "Hey, these amazing artists need more props, and their fans and collectors crave deeper virtual connections." So, here we are!

Here's a taste of our mantra: "The internet is going spatial, folks. We're gonna live more in the digital realm, and who better to design those spaces than artists?" Our aim? A fresh, secure platform for global artists to dazzle us with immersive art that'll flip how we hang out online.

Welcome to Ikigai Labs, your gateway to turbocharging creativity. Our world unites artists and collectors in a trusty network and offers an exclusive peek into the Ikigai universe - artist residency and a handpicked showcase for immersive art and special drops.

Our Artist in Residency program is like a digital art bootcamp - only way cooler. Artists get a VIP ticket to the cutting edge of creativity and a chance to shape the future of the spatial internet. We're talking about a vibrant digital playground where art creation and experience keep evolving.

What sets Ikigai Labs apart? We're not just a residency program. We're an exclusive marketplace, a built-in collector base, and a one-of-a-kind springboard for artists ready to take the digital art and Web3 world by storm.

Our artists aren't confined to the world of 2D NFTs. They're mixing up the media and breathing life into their artwork and the minting experience. Each piece tells a story, evolves with holder participation, and dares to ask, "What's next in user agency?"

For members of the Ikigai club, it's a VIP treatment all the way. Early access to weekly artist drops, power to set mint prices, and a steady stream of perks as our digital offering grows.

On the horizon for Ikigai Labs? Launching more art collections, rolling out the red carpet for new collectors, and expanding our platform's offerings. As the NFT world gears up for its next growth spurt, we're here creating a wonderland of experiences for artists and collectors, bringing edgy art to folks all over the globe.

About Ikigai Labs

Ikigai Labs - the future home for experiential art. We're pioneering the spatial internet with our artist residency program, reinventing collection drops, and crafting immersive digital escapades. We're teaming up with innovative artists to bring their work alive in interactive worlds and push the fan experience envelope.