by GoodVibesOhmly

Summer, 1946. The Cousteau Story

Summer, 1946. The Cousteau family - Jacques, his wife Simone and their two children Philippe and Jean-Michel - live in their beautiful house by the Mediterranean sea. By day they dive, by night they watch the stars. It's paradise on earth. But Jacques is never content.
Sustainability 1 min read
by Odyssey

Check your hidden folder

Have you checked your hidden folder on OpenSea, did you spot your OhmieDay NFT ? We airdropped 100K+ NFTs to all the ohmies, it's your ticket to play. LFG.
Nft's 2 min read
by Odyssey

Serendipity came into play

A dedicated, die-hard, organically built community is key to the success and longevity of a project. They attracted a community of diamond-handed, big picture thinkers.
Nft's 3 min read
by Odyssey

Level up. Claim your rewards. LFG

Genesis NFTs will be Olympus-staking compatible with non-locked staking. Each NFT will receive a staking epoch boost based on rarity, and these NFTs will be transactable on the Odyssey marketplace.
Nft's 1 min read
by GoodVibesOhmly

Dramatic jungle-covered hills

In the 1960’s a few foreigners discovered Montezuma, and moved there, before there were cars or electricity. Travel was done on horseback. Life was harder, but worth it. It became known as a secret hideaway for movie stars, musicians, artists and creative people of all types.
Travel 3 min read
by GoodVibesOhmly

Kingdom of Pavones

40 years ago in the faraway Kingdom of Pavones, the people lived in paradise. The kingdom was a closed one and only living legends of the surfing subculture were invited to exercise their art under the benevolent eye of Danny "Mack" Fowlie
Culture 9 min read
by Odyssey

The Defiant guide to Art and NFTs + 🔥 Docu

Following the great DeFi summer many have been predicting NFTs to be the tricky second album. This is a monumentally large subject with competing viewpoints and every level of talent from scammer to international superstar. + an NFT film covering - art, music, fashion, defi, and the metaverse.
Nft's Culture 2 min read
by GoodVibesOhmly

Reshape the impact of surfing

Belgian filmmaker Wim Bonte, tells the story of Notox. Driven to reshape the impact of surfing. Trough innovation they create a new generation of boards that truly match the sustainable values and spirit of surfing.
Culture 1 min read
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