If you haven't heard of Pedro Winter, you must hate electronic music, have no access to the internet, or else live in a cave! If this doesn't apply to you, you will have listened to one of the artists on his label Ed Banger Records without maybe even knowing it.

Cover Image: Kevin Millet

DJ, producer, art director, and boss of the Ed Banger Records label, Pedro «Busy P» Winter shifted from being an emblematic figure of the Parisian underground to the Frenchman who makes the whole World dance.

At only 34 years old – 12 of which spent managing Daft Punk (six millions albums sold) – the man who discovered Justice is established as the golden boy of electronic music. Yet, this former skateboarder, fan of hard rock, stumbled upon his career by chance.

As a real club kid in the early 90's, he went out every night. David Guetta soon spotted him and gave him a chance at the mythic Palace club where he held his first parties in 1995. In that temple of Parisian nightlife an impressive list of talents with a bright future were to be found. Daft Punk of course, but also Mororbass, Dimitri From Paris, Dj Cam and more.

The "French Touch" was born and Pedro was already a major part of it. One year later while Daft were recording their first album, they asked Pedro to become their manager. His career was launched.

His rise to prominence may echo that of the "American dream", but his success has not produced a shark-like manager, nor a hardened businessman. Available and friendly, his energy is contageous.

"A lot of people think I plan everything, but I never had any career plan. If I worked a pose, a cool attitude, it would be blindingly obvious. All that happens to me is actually a mixture of chance and luck. I was at the right place at the right moment, the rest is work. And it has paid off."

As a good artistic director, he was one of the first to realise the potential offered by the Internet and to appropriate these new modes of communication

" Today the kids come back home and don't turn the T.V on anymore, they dash over to their computer and choose for themselves what they want to watch or listen to. The advantage with the web is that there is no more buffer between the artist and the public. That's what really makes the difference… "