Artist, Actor, and Environmentalist Pierce Brosnan Explores the Digital Art Landscape with His Genesis NFT Collection on LGND!

The collection features new work inspired by his original painting Earplugs, which Brosnan created while filming his first James Bond film GoldenEye in 1995.

“Inspired by the how-to instructions found on an earplug packet - which were handed out on the set of GoldenEye - I am exploring the digital art landscape with illustrative graphics reminiscent of mid-90’s multiplayer video games.

Each graphic segment is embedded into a distinct color that moves the eye from one quadrant to another, creating a visual storyboard; each scene is inherently isolated yet tied together.

The collection of works features self-recorded elements - my voice, my son Dylan playing the piano, and the sound of the Pacific Ocean at the end of my garden.”

-Pierce Brosnan

A cube. This exclusive pre-show NFT is only available for a limited time and will be minted to the WAX blockchain on Monday, June 21, along with all other artwork purchased during Pierce Brosnan’s inaugural show.

When shooting action sequences, the prop master would hand out packets of earplugs; on the back was an illustration of “how-to” put them in your ear. I found the infographic to be intriguing, amusing, and engaging. I wanted to see if the composition would work as a painting. I had long admired Roy Lichtenstein’s ability to organize a graphic element into a painting and amplify the mundane into a bedazzling image. This became the inspiration for a 48 x 48-inch painting where I rendered my interpretation of the “Earplugs” by hand.

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Russell & Robert meet legendary actor Pierce Brosnan OBE, perhaps best known worldwide by another very significant name - BOND, James Bond!!!! 007 meets Talk Art!!! Speaking from his home in Kauai, Hawaii, they explore his passion for ART!!!

They discuss Pierce's long-term dedication to painting which he first seriously started in 1987 with the work 'Dark Night'. And talk about his recent phone drawings, his awesome film Thomas Crown Affair (THE 1999 movie that inspired Talk Art's infamous art heist question!), and how grief and trauma can inform creativity.

We hear how art has been a constant companion during a solitary journey as an actor, and as a way of grieving the loss of both his first wife Cassandra in 1991 and later his daughter Charlotte in 2013, both to ovarian cancer. We learn of Pierce's late teens studying and working within commercial illustration in London, his irrepressible love of making colorful paintings and admiration for David Hockney, Picasso, Anselm Kiefer, Matisse, and how the work of Roy Lichtenstein inspired his own well-known 'ear plugs' artwork, painted whilst filming 'Golden Eye'.

We reminisce about the record-breaking 2018 auction of his painting depicting his hero Bob Dylan which raised $1.4 million USD for AIDs charity AMFAR. We also learn of his experiments with 'plein air' painting, his friendship with artist Charles 'Chuck' Arnoldi, and a keen interest in ceramics, lino cutting, and more recently wood carving... proof that Pierce's inquisitive artistic mind knows no bounds!