PieDAO was kicked off just over a year ago (March 2020), and is one of the very few examples of a successful DAO from day 0, quickly becoming one of the three largest DAOs. The mission & products are simple: PieDAO creates tokenised portfolios (Pies) with active strategies, so that users can actually own their finances and are able to participate in wealth creation.

The asset allocation DAO. Pie DAO makes diversified asset allocation and rebalancing a piece of cake 🍰

This is more than just indices - in fact, we prefer to call them portfolios, as our infrastructure (PieVaults) are much more granular and flexible: on top of pure asset diversification, one can actually benefit from yield farming without having to lift a finger (all completely automated). There's also other cool features like meta-governance, as we actually care about being useful to the DAOs that are included in Pies. Personally, feels like there's few brands in crypto that resonate better with our mission than Bankless - hence we reached out. Beyond the financial benefit we are offering, it just feels like a really cool way to join communities and flag some products to your audience that fit your mission very well

I saw there were some concerns around the exit fee and escrow - so let me clarify this one! Exit fee: this is rather minimal and standard, and just a measure to prevent freeriding within the pool. This exit fee gets counterbalanced with the liquidity rewards offered by PieDAO very quickly, so for anyone who is genuinely looking to provide liquidity, this shouldn't be a problem. Escrow: we are offering pretty large liquidity incentives for this pool (significantly above average in the ecosystem). Offering such rewards with no escrow would mean that a large number of people who don't care about PieDAO and its mission will flow in, get the rewards & dump them (in DOUGH - our governance token) on the market, which would negatively impact the DAO. To make this more sustainable, we introduced escrow, which ensures that all liquidity providers get an immediate liquid reward (20%), and then get the remaining 80% after the escrow period, preventing the market pressure... We are actually now working on introducing something very cool that will allow people to productively compound their escrowed DOUGH and not just have it hanging for 12 months - so that would be an extra kick in terms of rewards.

I hope this makes sense and clarifies some of your concerns! Being a DAO, we have to balance some short-term and long-term decisions: fuelling growth & making markets more liquid, without damaging the DAO short-term. I am sure you guys will face such dilemmas going forward, and we'd actually be more than happy to help think through them / share our learnings!

After all, DAOs should always help other DAOs

Author: Anastasiya_Belyaeva

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