Proof Of NFT Liquidity

While our NFT aggregator has successfully unified liquidity across platforms, further improvements can be made by leveraging SudoSwap V2. Above all we we want to start exploring the Baseline protocol to provide more reflexive liquidity options.  By integrating this protocol, we could enhance liquidity through automated, real-time adjustments to market conditions, driven by decentralized, verifiable data. This approach ensures that liquidity is always in sync with market needs, providing stability and flexibility that surpass traditional methods. This not only optimizes asset management but also reduces volatility.

This approach could improve NFT liquidity provision by making it smarter & more responsive with Baseline Protocol.
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Explore SudoSwap V2's AMM-based approach.

LiveTheLifeTV Testing SudoSwap V1 many many moons ago. Now exploring V2 on Blast /Artio


  • Objective: Integrate BASELINE to provide smarter liquidity options on auto-pilot

Market Making with Baseline Protocol

  • Objective: Establish a stable and reflexive floor price for NFTs.
  • Method: Leverage market-making mechanisms to manage liquidity:
    • Automated Market Making (AMM): predictable liquidity.
    • Dynamic Pricing: adjust to market conditions, reducing volatility.
    • Liquidity Management: avoiding sudden LP withdrawals.

Next Steps

  1. Ask feedback
  2. Iterate on idea

Refer to the SudoSwap V2 and the Baseline Protocol Concepts.