Proof Of Attendance, better know as a POAP in the magic world of web3, is basically your passport to a community. People who attend an event become eligible to claim a unique Token Badge. Claim links are distributed, for example, to anyone who joined a Community Call on Discord. An iconic example is the Bankless NFT Badge for Bankless Premium Subscribers.

Now let's start with creating our own POAP event. Navigate to and click "Create new POAP". You will then be able to fill out some metadata, such as the name of the event, dates, description, and the POAP design. You can come back and edit these properties later if need be. You then simply have to reply to the email with the number of codes you would like to generate. You will receive a text file with the number of links you requested and you need to upload this "txt" file on your events page The file contains links in the form of, that can be handed out however you choose.


  • If you do not enter an email address, you will need to make sure you save the edit code, otherwise, you will not be able to edit the event or request codes. You will have to contact the POAP team manually with the event number and edit the code if you wish to be supplied with codes without using email.
  • If you navigate to<event number>, you can see some stats and the addresses who claimed the POAP, as well as download a CSV. For example
  • Alternate methods of distribution are possible, contact the POAP team

The instructions to set up your Discord POAP-Bot. πŸš€

Discord πŸ€– for POAPs events. Contribute to livethelifetv/poap-bot development by creating an account on GitHub.
POAP's can be used as a sybil-resistant voting engine for anyone to run polls. Set up a design contest?

A POAP token can also be your proof-of-membership that gets you access to perks. In essence, it is a non-fungible Ethereum token (#NFT) that you can keep inside an Ethereum wallet. It can be used to unlock a Discord channel (video), think of it as an Amazon Prime, but it can have many other use cases ...

Bragging rights
Drops (link)
Raffles (link)
Voting (link)
QR codes
POAP Creates 11 NFT Art Designs for The Graph Community
The Graph grant recipient POAP designed 11 NFTs representing participation in The Graph Network!

Now it's time to claim, hodl, and use your POAP:


  • Need Metamask or WalletConnect
  • No ETH required β€” POAP lives on xDAI.


  1. DM the POAP-Bot on Discord
  2. Type your secret code
  3. Input your ETH address to receive it
  4. Connect Metamask or WalletConnect
  5. Confirm your transaction & wait for it to complete

Where can I see my badge?

Look at the transaction on the xDAI explorer Β and verify on POAP Scan

Once you’ve claimed your POAP badge, it lives on xDAI β€” an Ethereum sidechain. If you want to access some of the benefits, like airdrops and for example a Discord-only room, you’ll have to migrate your POAP badge to mainnet.

You can do this really easily. Here’s how: Head on over to POAP Scan and connect your Ethereum Wallet. Once approved, you’ll transaction will begin to confirm on Ethereum. After a few minutes, you should be all set! is minting collaborative canvases as NFTs. Described by its builders as a β€œcanvas for everyone” and an β€œexperiment at the intersection of art and tech,” provides a platform for Ethereum community members to collectively create cryptoart.

πŸ’‘ Idea: A large-scale painting party? POAPart 🎨 The intersection of art and tech.✍️ Explainer Video with Pro Tips

How? By letting these people, namely holders of a particular POAP access token, collaboratively place pixels on a digital canvas at a rate of one pixel per party per second while the creation period is open. Then, the canvases are minted as NFTs.

Welcome to
An experiment at the intersection of art and tech A Web3 Canvas is minting collaborative canvases as NFTs 🎨


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