What differentiates a great podcast from an average podcast? Well, you can say it’s the audio quality or the guests who are interviewed. But at the heart of it all, the thing that defines a podcast as great is the host! The host is the glue that holds everything together. They determine what content is created, which guests make an appearance, and whether or not the audience becomes a strong, engaged community. After hearing the first three episode of "Making Bank", a new podcast series from the Bankless DAO, I felt compelled to learn more about DeFiDeluxe. He speaks passionately and is letting his personality take the stage

This is the backstage of Making Bank:  

I’ve been a fan of crypto for a while, having always been a tech guy, but for many years I had been watching from the sidelines as a passive investor.  In early 2020 I started researching proof of stake networks and successfully spun up a testnet Nucypher node.  It wasn’t until then that I stopped reading the bigger crypto news outlets and instead discovered amazing crypto newsletters like Bankless, the Defiant, Defi Rate, EthHub, etc. and I started to go down the DeFi rabbit hole and subsequent Defi summer and here we are, ready for defi summer round 2.

I have 5 years of experience as a Photographer/Video Editor and so I’ve been looking for a way to put those skills to use in crypto.  When the DAO launched, I immediately knew that I wanted to contribute and so after talking initially with a few members, I decided that the best way to present a show prototype to the DAO was to just create one.  I was blown away by the responses I got and very happy that it was received well by the DAO.  It’s been nice to get comments even from the genesis team, and I hope that they have open arms when I come hunting them down for an interview (hehe).

My hope is to eventually do the work to become a media node, whether that’s internally with Making $BANK or externally via DefiDeluxe or both.  I believe that BanklessDAO will be a good opportunity not just for media nodes who already have some success, but also for organically created content from within the DAO that needs bootstrapping.  I’ve heard Ryan Sean Adams say a few times that there is still a huge demand for quality educational crypto content.  I think this is going to be the summer of DAOs and am so excited for what BanklessDAO has in store.

Bankless DAO
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Enjoy the very first episode of Making $BANK.  Making $BANK is a product of the BanklessDAO, the world's first-ever media and culture DAO.

During the second episode of Making $BANK, DefiDeluxe talks news, governance, seasons, on-chain arbitration, consensus mechanisms, and more!  

Episode numero 3 about governance, the upcoming retro airdrop, and more!  

4th episode of Making $BANK where they talk facilitation, coordination, tokenomics, dev guild, and the history of pirates in relation to DAOs.

5th episode of Making $BANK where they talk news and upcoming events, the gig economy, and how ETH will eat the world.