Chicago-based artist-writer, Sophie Sturdevant, writes about creativity as our greatest responsibility. She's an expert in copywriting for multi-million dollar brand launches. I tend to agree with her recent article, there's no blueprint, there's no magic formula when it comes to pricing NFT's, or even Art in general. Price is what you pay, value is what you get (out of it). The fun thing is that there is plenty of room to get creative, even when it comes to figuring out stuff like "the pricing strategy".

Pricing Strategy for Artists: 7 Keys to List Your NFTs for Success
(Applicable Outside NFTs, too)

What? Do you know what made me come up with the strategy below? Buying NFT's! Not just to flip, collect or flex, but to experience the vibe on all the different platforms and how they approach things, but above all, how they made me feel. The ones I enjoy the most, are the NFT's that made me feel part of a community, sure I fell in the love with the artwork as well, but I don't need to buy art to enjoy it. That's why museums are so underrated. Except, you need to fly around the world to visit them, which to some degree is part of the fun. But it's mostly a limitation of the type of art I get to see, and not to mention, there's so much fine art hidden away in secret vaults, or stored in private homes, to be unseen, and used as a flex for the rich and famous. That's cool for them, but what does it do for the art lover, and more importantly what does it do for the artist if they flip it, and wash trade the art pieces in that tiny inner circle? Ok, I'm drifting, rambling once again, let's cut to the chase; what's the strategy you may ask! Well, there's none, we just stick with our (3,3) narrative and we'll see how it goes, what sticks, what works, and what doesn't, after all, there's no such thing as a magic formula for pricing NFT's.

When? Maybe in 33 days from now, still TBD. The auction will last for 33 hours, 33 minutes, and 33 seconds, if possible to set it up that way at least.

How much? All pieces will be priced at 0,33 sOHM, which's is roughly $100. There will be 3 pieces that will remain in the ownership of the 3 DAO's that make all this possible: Olympus, Odyssey, and UnbanksyTV DAO. They can only be leased, you can't buy them, they need to be earned, maybe OHMIE of the week, and you get to flex? Outside of the 3 ultra-rare pieces that are owned by the DAO's, there are 3 levels of rarity, one with 3333 NFT's, another series with 333 pieces, and the super-rare collection of only 33 NFT's. If you didn't get the drift, yes the theme is (3,3) ;)

Why? Why would we sell all these different levels of rarity at the same fricking price, it just doesn't make any sense. Or does it? What if I repeat that price is what you pay, and value is what you get? Here's the twist, you will not know (what you are getting into)! You pay the fixed entree price of 0,33 sOHM and you are hoping you'll get a super-rare edition. And if you happen to get the 3333 series or the 333 series, are you going to be disappointed? Nope, not gonna happen, because each NFT is backed by sOHM and that's where the real magic comes into play. Every NFT held generates sOHM tokens 3 times a day. sOHM tokens stored in the treasury are randomly distributed to NFT owners. In essence, these artworks will act as Nodes, not securing the chain as we will soon move to layer 2, but ensuring a decentralized distribution of the supply.

Oh, one more thing ... "Unlockables are a really cool way to provide something to your collector, as a “thank you” for their support and investment. Unlockables might incentivize a collector looking for art for their in-home display, or maybe an NFT that comes with a physical print is what another is looking for. Can you provide other physical goods, like a t-shirt, or exclusive access to your next drop? Does the purchase of one NFT entitle a collector to behind-the-scenes videos of your work’s creation, a written “thank you” note, or a discount code to shop your site? There are so many ways to use this feature." - Sophie Sturdevant

Wrap your head around it, once you see it work, it's impossible to unsee.

!Not an Alpha Leak. Minting of the upcoming avatar series will be available only to OG holders for the first 33 hours. The OG token holders get 33% of the sale

A dope avatar that actually has cool utility?

NFTs with DeFi mechanics
Ownership is baked into the content itself. If the owner sells the NFT, the original creator can automatically receive royalties. The Odyssey DAO represents a collection of curated NFT artworks. It combines digital art with DeFi mechanics, as every NFT held generates sOHM tokens daily.

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Assets for the metaverse future
Ultimately, our Code Art Studio is researching a novel way of applying ML to accelerate the 3D design process. This approach takes the first steps towards a future where designers can work together with ML algorithms to focus on the creative aspects and iterating rapidly on an unprecedented scale.

A dope avatar that has a noteworthy and contrarian attitude?

Earned media beats paid ads
If you do have to do something promotional, do something unconventional. Publicity stunts, atypical ads, being the first at something. Be noteworthy and contrarian because earned media beats out paid ads, and its way more fun!

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Odyssey DAO GΞNΞSIS Drop
These first 100 NFT’s will be used for access in our ecosystem, and offer access to private GΞNΞSIS SQUAD channels on Discord. Any NFTs we mint in 2022 will be airdropped to holders of the original set of NFTs. We have another secret tied to them that will be released soon ...

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Earned media beats paid ads
If you do have to do something promotional, do something unconventional. Publicity stunts, atypical ads, being the first at something. Be noteworthy and contrarian because earned media beats out paid ads, and its way more fun!