Programmable art is a new movement in which creators deconstruct their work into “Layers” and endow them with abilities. Collectors can then own and alter artworks through said Layers. Layers can even be hooked up to external data sources such as time to change autonomously.

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The opportunities to disrupt the media landscape are endless ... NFTs introduce a new medium and a format for copyright. As a medium, copyright is being ignored right now. As a format, NFTs are an unrivaled solution to enforcing copyright.

NFT Issuance Landscape — Mirror
This post offers a 10,000ft view on the NFT issuance landscape, helping creators better acclimate themselves with the tools, players and resources leading the growing movement around scarce digital content.

A big problem with producing and selling digital art is how easily it can be duplicated and pirated. Once something is copied and replicated for free, the value drops and the prospect of a market disappears. For things to be of value they need to have scarcity. Blockchain helps solve this for digital artists by introducing the idea of "digital scarcity":  issuing a limited number of copies and tying them back to unique blocks proving ownership. So we would like to introduce an IP layer!

Discord + NFTs + Community Token + DAO = Creator Economy
NFT Value Capture Equation — Mirror
Last month, I set out to explore one question: where do NFTs capture value?
In the exploration of new features for our experiments we would like to propose a couple of ideas that could help in the value capture equation ...

For creators, artists & galleries 🖌🎨

Build new experiences and revenue streams with authenticated digital issuance

  • Branded digital gallery
  • Solo artist works
  • Exclusive content for fans
  • Certificates of authenticity & provenance

For brands & agencies 🎥 ⚡

Create engaging digital experiences for fans and followers

  • Digital rewards
  • Branded collectible giveaways
  • Premium content access
  • Community Contests

For nonprofits 🌍 🌱

Raise funds and awareness by creating meaningful digital campaigns

  • Tokenized “adoptions” for charitable causes, e.g. planting trees
  • Fundraising campaigns with collectible digital memorabilia
  • Exclusive badges and rewards for community members

For entrepreneurs 💡 💸

Launch a global marketplace for digital or tokenized physical goods

  • Stock photos
  • Digital IP

For merchants & producers🍷 ⌚️

Authenticate physical goods

  • Surfboards
  • Fashion
  • Wine bottles