December of 2019 marked twenty two years since six friends visited Nicaragua to scope out a piece of land for sale. They were introduced to a man named Antonio Granados, whose family owned the property. Sr. Granados personally showed them the rugged, sprawling 2,700 acres. As they walked and climbed and dined together, he shared his vision of what the ranch could be with time and with a community behind it. They were hooked.

In the years to come, they remained close with Sr. Granados and his family. They worked together to build homes for themselves and their friends. Additional homes brought the need for infrastructure. Roads were built, water filtration systems and electricity were put in place. More homes, clubhouses, restaurants, and the riding stables soon followed.

Casa Papillon perfectly blends the surrounding tropical landscape.

Most recently, The Inn & Residences were created as a boutique luxury accommodation for visitors. The world took notice, and now you can find them among Travel & Leisure’s top hotels of the world. Direct Booking

Villa Escondida has direct access to this secluded beach.

Situated on the Southwest Pacific coast between the vast Pacific Ocean and Lake Nicaragua, The Ranch is located on one of the Pacific’s only isthmuses. Bordered on both sides by water,  Rancho Santana enjoys the distinction of nearly constant offshore breezes.

An epic day in front of the clubhouse. Photo: @northatlanticcollective

Cover Image: Local artist, Augusto Silva painted this beautiful map of the Ranch which you can admire in el Café. Today, it’s time for your little ones to become artists. Download the map and get them some colored pencils. Aloha

Nicaragua’s southern Pacific coast offers some of the region’s best surf conditions, and at Rancho Santana you’ll find a variety of waves. The Beach & Surf Club at Playa Los Perros offers surf lessons and surf guiding. (Surfline Webcam / MSW 7 Day Surf Forecast). Rosada is right in front! This left-hand point breaks over a fairly shallow reef bottom and is situated in a gorgeous, private cove. Santana, a fast, barreling beach break, is just around the corner. The wave bounces off a rock headland and sends wedgy peaks down the beach. The Tola Province is a magic little slice of the Central America surf zone, one trip down there and you’ll see why.

If you’re flying into Nicaragua, chances are you’re going to land in Managua, the country’s main international airport. If you rent a car or hire a driver it’s about three hours from the Augusto Cesar Sandino International Airport to Playa Gigante.