Data consists of valuable information that enhances people’s lives and it has so many stories to tell. While Siemens interprets data to deliver results to their customers and improve how their technology performs, offering people a first-hand experience of it is more challenging. But what if a different kind of expert interpreted data to create something entirely different, something that would help people grasp its full potential? Using Siemens data, award-winning digital media artist Refik Anadol is making the invisible visible: Using specialist software, he has translated data into a stunning, tangible piece of art that we can all enjoy.

Information - Refik Anadol
Media Artist + Director

Synthetic Dreams by Refik Anadol

Unique "Quantum AI Data Paintings" using quantum bit strings generated from Google Quantum AI team's beyond classical experiment together with a Generative Adversarial Network machine learning algorithm that was developed during the production of Quantum Memories. The data collection consists of 200 million raw images of landscapes around the world, including all the national parks in the US.

Machine Hallucinations — Space: Metaverse, a physical exhibition in Hong Kong and correlating NFT collection, brought together the studio’s richly diverse works to the Metaverse. Presented in collaboration with Sotheby’s, the NFT collection contained yet another groundbreaking approach to media arts by presenting the first immersive NFT.

Unsupervised is part of Machine Hallucinations, Refik Anadol Studio’s ongoing project exploring data aesthetics based on collective visual memories. The exhibition processes 138,151 pieces of metadata from the vast collection of The Museum of Modern Art in the mind of a machine. —Refik Anadol

Quantum Memories - Noise

Noise utilizes Google AI’s most cutting-edge, publicly available quantum computation research data and algorithms to explore the possibility of a parallel world. These algorithms allow Refik Anadol to speculate alternative modalities inside the most sophisticated computer available, and create new quantum noise-generated datasets as building blocks of these modalities. AI Data Painting piece is both inspired by and speculation of the Many-Worlds Interpretation in quantum physics – a theory that holds that there are many parallel worlds that exist in the same space and time as our own.

Refik Anadol (b. 1985, Istanbul, Turkey) is a media artist, director, and pioneer in the aesthetics of data and machine intelligence. His body of work locates creativity at the intersection of humans and machines. In taking the data that flows around us as the primary material and the neural network of a computerized mind as a collaborator, Anadol paints with a thinking brush, offering us radical visualizations of our digitized memories and expanding the possibilities of architecture, narrative, and the body in motion. Anadol’s site-specific AI data sculptures, live audio/visual performances, and immersive installations take many forms, while encouraging us to rethink our engagement with the physical world, its temporal and spatial dimensions, and the creative potential of machines.