In our Social RPG, you'll be able to create GVO's story with us. Anyone that is holding a GVO NFT will be able to choose what will happen next. Everything will be dynamically affected by those decisions. Including our next destination.

The Earth was not well cared for by human beings, becoming barely uninhabitable. Nature rebels against humanity looking for a new start. The survivors teamed up in many cities and countries to create safe havens, like the GVO HQ #1. LFG. WAGMI

Collectors will have multiple interactions through specific events that affect the whole story, or macro aspects with a more complex decision-making process. The Social RPG will be held on the LiveTheLifeTV Discord. Later on, we will expand the experience with IRL events, staking & vesting features, and the Odyssey Marketplace. We want to create a deeply developed story that will serve as the main drive to the art series' expansion by Dimitri Daniloff.

Every month anyone that is holding a GVO NFT will be able to choose what will happen next in the story, which has IRL implications. (think Surf View Offices)
Chapters will be organized in Seasons, defined as specific time periods in which certain arcs are developed in the story.

At the end of each Season, Holders will receive a free airdropped edition as an NFT in their wallets. These NFTs can be burned in order to claim a physical edition.

Level UP. This represents a new experience created by the Vested Crew and the Captains of Industry. Holders will be able to mint Limited Edition NFTs for free of a level based on the quantity of NFTs in their wallets. Burning them grants the holder $GOOD & $VIBES tokens. These are our native governance and utility tokens.

$GOOD will be used to interact with some of the story mechanics and is the main currency to claim stuff in our Odyssey marketplace. Holders will be able to use our Odyssey marketplace to claim benefits, buy merch, and mint NFTs.

GVO's universe and storyline give space to multiple expansion approaches. Step by step, we'll explore its elements to deepen the IRL game experience and mechanics.

The Vested Crew will need to establish an HQ to build infrastructure, cook, and plan their next steps. $VIBES will represent various HQ's around the world. Our Captains may find some interesting goods in their journey. Something might be valuable... Imagine finding ARTY FACTS on very specific destinations ...

We believe in the potential of GVO as an entertainment and media franchise to be aired on streaming services. We will partner with art studios and producers to create the GVO Documentary in order to leave it ready for distribution negotiations. Think of a LiveTheLife.TV  WebTV Series. (sound teaser)

GVO's story involves living life. We will allocate some of our resources to help with environmental preservation. We will partner with KlimaDAO, a web3 startup that uses technology to offset carbon emissions on the blockchain, in order to offset the carbon footprint of our minting process. We will partner with institutions and donate resources to help with environmental preservation.

Are you still feeling confused about our roadmap anon? Well, that's fine, we'll talk more in detail in the next few months but above all, we recommend you listen to the BanklessDAO podcast episode with Kevin Rose, we just did and it gave us the conviction that we're onto something here. He's a very talented entrepreneur, and to be honest, hearing him speak, ... will help degens like you, to connect the GVO dots.