LIVETHELIFE.TV, the founder of IKIGAI LABS, embarks on a transformative journey by fully embracing TRACE (Tokenized Records for Artwork Certification and Evolution) technology. Developed by our esteemed partners at Transient Labs, this groundbreaking innovation is central to our mission of introducing real-world art into the world of NFTs and redefining the future of art ownership.

IkigAI Labs XYZ is committed to onboarding artists to create digital Certificates of Authenticity (dCOAs), order secure chips, and expand our network to include galleries, auction houses, and museums. This initiative allows anyone with Ethereum or a credit card to purchase physical artworks by buying the NFT version.

Each physical artwork is embedded with a secure, tamper-evident chip, paired with a digital certificate of authenticity on the blockchain as an NFT. This setup ensures that the provenance of the artwork is recorded and updated throughout its journey, including sales, exhibitions, and alterations. Artists can add their narratives and authenticate them on-chain, creating a living history of the artwork.

The T.R.A.C.E. system meticulously records and updates each piece’s journey. A digital twin NFT is minted for each artwork, backing the physical piece with blockchain technology. Once the NFT is sold, the physical artwork is claimed by transferring the digital twin NFT to the T.R.A.C.E. chip, locking it there forever and preserving its provenance and authenticity.

With T.R.A.C.E, ikigAI Labs XYZ offers a revolutionary way to authenticate, preserve, and appreciate art in both digital and physical forms. It provides a novel platform for artists to express and manage their creations, fostering a deeper connection between the artist, the artwork, and the collector. This system bridges the gap between physical and digital art, utilizing a secure chip attached to the artwork and a digital certificate on the blockchain as an NFT.

This dual existence secures the provenance of physical artworks with unprecedented rigor and enriches the art with a living digital narrative.
Designed to ensure provenance and authenticity for both digital and physical artworks.

Key benefits:

Immutable Provenance: Ensures the authenticity and history of artworks are preserved and transparent.

Dynamic Art Histories: Records and updates the artwork’s journey, allowing artists to add their narratives and authenticate them on-chain.

Bridging Worlds: Integrates physical art with blockchain technology, creating a seamless experience for collectors.

Empowering Creators: Provides artists with a platform to express and manage their creations, fostering a deeper connection with collectors.

A leap in the art world, where the journey of an artwork is as valuable as the artwork itself.
“Over the last year, my appreciation for physicals has grown considerably. Maybe I just spend too much time in front of a computer and scrolling Twitter? I was super grateful when Avant Arte approached me with the opportunity to apply their world-class printing processes to my work.” - SnowFro AB

Our journey begins with the initial set of FUTURE SCAPES artworks for TRACE integration, setting the stage for our TRACE-focused Curated Art Explorer.