We are rebranding LTL Maps as Shaka Places. In Hawaii, everyone uses the shaka to express friendship, gratitude, goodwill, encouragement and unity. A little wave of the hand spreads a lot of aloha. For us the "Like" button is a core feature, as its a sign of trust, it only adds weight to the reputation of a place if it's a like given  by your friends of friends. In the current UI the ❤️  will be replaced as we develop our very own custom branded version of the like button. The Shaka is born.

The Shaka expresses all those friendly messages.

“Hang loose,” “Right on,” “Thank you,” “Things are great,” “Take it easy” – in Hawaii, the shaka sign expresses all those friendly messages and more. To make the shaka, you curl your three middle fingers while extending your thumb and baby finger. For emphasis, quickly turn your hand back and forth with your knuckles facing outward. The shaka comes in all shapes and sizes. But where did it come from, and more importantly, how do you throw yours?

"There is context to everything", Kelly Slater

Through personalization, Netflix serves up “what to watch,” Amazon “what to buy,” and Spotify “what to listen to”, so what if our long-term value prop is knowing your favorite places well enough to offer “what to do, where to go and who to do it with?” Shaka Places will be the first privacy-first location-based dapp to share magic places and reward content, code & design.

Our position-dependent app can prove that a customer has arrived at your restaurant or hotel so that the smart contract can trigger a reward.

An International Sign for Positivity

A privacy-first location-based dapp to share magic places and reward content, code & design. A mobile dapp owned and governed by the contributors and users. A dapp, to publish, explore, and share places to Live The Life. We change the user experience by unlocking places your friends love, based on your current location.

We want to allow users to get rewarded for visiting real-world locations, as they can earn tokens through a process called geo-mining. This model allows businesses to attract potential customers to their locations, get their attention or even get them to perform storytelling challenges. Businesses pay only for people that visit their place which make calculation of Return of Investment easy.

When is Shaka Places launching? 😆

I can't wait for the day that we can unlock the world again. In the pre C19 era I often used TripAdvisor & Instagram to find new places to LiveTheLife, over the past decade that ended up in a collection of hotels & restaurants I would want to try myself. But when I actually visited one of these destinations I had no clue which places I wanted to try. Google Maps, TA, Insta, ... they all failed on me to do one thing: see all the nearby places that I and the people I have been following had bookmarked, simply show me these places based on my geolocation and let me call the restaurant to reserve a table. I assumed there must be a way to avoid building an app to do this, so I downloaded a couple of 100 apps to verify if there was already a solution out there, in short, nope, none, so we started building one.

LTL Maps
″“what to do, where to go and who to do it with?” Shaka Places will be the world’s lifestyle curator. - LTL Maps

The frontend is finished, and we kickstarted the 2nd backend sprint. Exciting stuff, and with a full lockdown still in place, not many distractions so ultra-focused now.

Thanks for reading, does the above make any sense? Let us hear it! Oh and for now let's not shake hands, and let us kickstart a trending #shaka as a sign of positivity.